My favorite Google AdSense ad this week

AdSense doesn’t allow me to click on the ads it posts on my blog, but this one made me so curious I had to resort to a workaround: I right-clicked, copied the link to the site, and called it up on a different browser.

It was disappointing. The chainsaw being advertised isn’t really that small. Dang. Although it looks like it could be useful for certain tasks, and the tiny one doesn’t seem too handy. Just cool. Or hilarious. Or something. In any case, it made me look.

In any case, gimme more of these kinds of ads, Google. I like them better than, say, the one I’ve been seeing all week tying critical race theory to Marxism. It was getting kind of tedious…

3 thoughts on “My favorite Google AdSense ad this week

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Note the modifier… that’s just my fave Google AdSense ad this week.

    My favorite ad overall is the new one from my representative, Micah Caskey. He has primary opposition, and it’s that time in the cycle…

    You’ll be seeing more such ads, I suppose, if my evil twin the blog ad rep gets busy and tries to sell some. Life was so much easier in my newspaper days. We had that advertising department that, as far as we were concerned, existed in a separate universe, but kept us paid — until the market dried up.

    Now, I have to go into multiple personality mode, because there’s nobody to do it but me. Which is why you don’t see many local ads here. Although I’m very happy to have the few you do see…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    Dang. I can’t believe I did something that stupid. Because I mentioned the stupid critical race theory/Marxism ads, they’re back with a vengeance.

    But on the upside, I just got a new ad for a mini-chainsaw. This one’s made by Stihl…

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