The Burning Questions

A colleague brought to my attention this quote from NAA Chairman Jay Smith on McClatchy‘s Gary Pruitt and his contributions on
the NAA Executive Committee:

Treasurer Gary Pruitt — the
tennis-playing, philosopher-quoting aging rocker (The Ramones still rule in his
world) and head of The McClatchy Co. in Sacramento — blends hisPruitt_crop_2 varied interests
with a cool, calculated approach that believes readers will always want quality
first. The go-to guy when consensus building is required, Gary is right about
readers, as he is about so many other things.

Yeah, but which is his favorite Ramone? And what about The Clash? And how could The Ramones rule a world that has Elvis Costello in it?

So many burning questions. I guess we’ll just have to wait until this all shakes out to learn the answers.

2 thoughts on “The Burning Questions

  1. bill

    Elvis still rules.Have you heard his latest?
    The Ramones did one or two OK songs and then repeated them until they died.If you want to hear an incredible new artist(I like past and present)pick up Neko Case’s latest.She’s making it,they sell it at Mall-Wart.You’re right.These are the burning questions.

  2. Lee

    What is wrong with The State is exemplified in two current opinion pieces on immigration.
    Sunday’s piece by locals at the Chamber of Commerce was just a generalized list of what reform “must do”, to serve the narrow interest of businesses who only care about cheap labor. It gave no justifications for any of its shopping list items.
    Even worse is today’s piece by David Broder, which is riddled with inaccurate numbers. The editors routinely permit opinion pieces to be based on fictional data. One excuse is that Broder is “a respected journalist.” Why, when he is too lazy to check the figures fed to him by Microsoft?
    Will The State run pieces correcting these propaganda columns? Of course not.

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