Enough with the pop-ups!


I’ve been pretty patient about this. Exceedingly patient, considering that I no longer get paid a dime out of The State‘s ad revenues.

But I’ve just gotta say that it’s getting more and more unpleasant to use thestate.com, with the constant intrusive pop-ups. (Not that I’m going to stop going there, because in spite of all, where else am I going to get that much local content?)

The kind that gets me the most is when I merely click in the search box — before I’ve had a chance to enter my search term, or hit ENTER, or anything, just click in the box — and BAM! There’s a popup jumping into my face.

It’s one thing when it’s something local, and relevant. Hey, local merchants gotta eat. But when it’s something as generic and seamy and irrelevant as the set of links above, I get annoyed.

Now, all of that said — one of y’all (Dave Crockett) recently reported getting a pop-up, or rollover, or something, while on my blog.

Has this happened to anyone else?

11 thoughts on “Enough with the pop-ups!

  1. Doug Ross

    Can you send me that Stacy Keibler link? Now that she’s been dumped by George Clooney, I think I’ve got a shot.

    trivia note: what was the name of the doctor Clooney played on E.R?

      1. Doug Ross

        Half right… it was Doug Ross. There was a time when I disappointed many female hotel clerks when I checked in. Hmmm.. wait.. I think I still do.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I had to Google to see who this Stacy Keibler was.

      I see she’s a “retired professional wrestler.” Which is not a phrase I associate with photos like those…

  2. Bill

    Too much information=No information

    If your’re relying on the internet for news,you’re not going to anything but misinformation.

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