Robert’s ‘sexist’ cartoon


obert’s in trouble now! He mentioned to me a few minutes ago the negative attention his cartoon from yesterday about Hillary and Barack has garnered, particularly on a blog called "Feminist Law Professors."

That blog took time out from considering "Which Wine Should I Bring To A Party At My Dean’s House?," a post that demonstrates at least a sense of humor of a sort, to bristle over "Political ‘Humor’ in the South Carolina MSM," which features Robert’s cartoon. It was filed under the category, "Sexism in the Media."

Key commentary from that blog:

That’s the same cartoonist that produced this and this and this and this.

Now I invite your commentary…

20 thoughts on “Robert’s ‘sexist’ cartoon

  1. Brad Warthen

    By the way, the author of the blog is Ann Bartow, who describes herself as a professor of Law at the University of South Carolina School of Law, in Columbia.
    Her blog’s stated purpose is “to build a stronger community of feminist law professors across geography, law schools, and scholarly subject areas. Every feminist law professor is a unique individual, and nothing about her life, views or work should be presumed from her presence in the blogroll, other than that she considers herself a feminist.”

  2. reader

    Don’t actually see word “sexist” used in the post, could you maybe be projecting? Or just trying to heap abusive scorn on anybody who dares challenge you in any way, as usual? Hey, purged all the female reporters at The State yet? Or just almost? Better get busy, there are still a couple left…

  3. yeah lets get them fired!

    How dare anyone criticize Arial???? He’s genuine “out” Southern racist, a vanishing breed.

  4. Brad Warthen

    “reader,” Robert told me he had been accused of being “sexist” (prompting him to come into my office and say “Sexist? It’s not sexist! Why is it sexist?” etc.). I was going to attribute that to him, but then I saw that the critical post had been filed under the heading “Sexism in the Media.”
    So “sexist” wasn’t exactly a leap of assumption on my part.

  5. reader

    Of course, there weren’t too many women around to ask if it was “sexist.” being as you have aggressively purged most of them from The State, right?

  6. Not a fan of Robert "the First Amendment for Me But Not For Thee" Ariail

    Anyways, how could depicting Hillary’s delegates as violent KKK types about to lynch Obama possibly be sexist?

  7. concerned sc woman

    The FLP blog is absolutely right. The cartoon presents Hillary voters as hysterical, out of control, unattractive women who will try to harm Obama. Satire is fine, but if the State newspaper wants to traffic in these types of offensive images they should be prepared to hear from the many SC citizens who will be offended. If your paper promotes sexism be prepared to defend sexism.

  8. Mike Cakora

    Ariail should accept the implicit compliment that criticism from these folks brings.
    Feminist theory is as valid a theory in science as is the notion that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are extraterrestrial in origin. In other words, while there are folks who truly believe in the theory, there’s no evidence that stands up to outside scrutiny, it’s quite difficult to engage adherents in a calm discussion, but it does prevent true-believers from working in productive private enterprises and off the streets where they might ruin the economy.
    Unlike environmentalists, these gals (okay, there are some guys, but I don’t usually drink beer and play pool with them, nor they with me) can make no claim to benefitting society. Even the greenies can claim — proof is another matter — that their efforts have made the sewers smell sweeter or the skies cleaner.
    The feminists can claim what? That they’ve tried to use politics to rig the free market so that females working in administrative positions get paid equal to firefighters? They’ve used Title IX to reduce the number of sports available to males, and have succeeded in increasing the percentage of females in college passed 50%. Why That’s Fantastic!
    That one blog entry should have been re-titled “Which Whine Should I Bring To A Party At My Dean’s House?”.

  9. Ralph Hightower

    I recall seeing an editorial cartoon featuring Bill and Obama: Obama is hit from a thrown frying pan and Bill says “I would duck when she gets mad.” I don’t remember if the cartoonist was Arial. I saw it on Daryl Cagle’s website (

  10. bud

    I found the cartoon neither offensive nor funny. And it didn’t make much of a point either. This is really much ado about nothing.

  11. Mike Cakora

    Me, a white supremacist? Heck, I’ve never even burned a question mark on a Unitarian’s front lawn…
    I truly admire the courage of the anonymous slander and do so appreciate the intelligence and energy employed in making the case.
    I’m more than willing to engage in a battle of wits, but not with the unnamed and unarmed.
    BTW, when you posted your comment, you left behind your IP address.

  12. buster

    Ann Bartow…just goes to prove #24 on Rush Limabugh’s Undeniable Truths: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.
    Seriously Ann, get a life, stop taking things so seriously. Then again, please keep talking. You provide some humor in this dark world…

  13. ssk

    wow, that last post by buster took the level of discourse to a brand new low. imho, ad hominen comments about another individual’s appearance have no place in discussions among adults.


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