Apparently, Hillary supporters still really ticked

Of course, I could have written that headline a month ago, and I could probably write it five years from now, and it would likely still be true. Hillary supporters are not people with what we could call a forgiving nature — even when there’s nothing to forgive, let me hasten to add. (These folks have less of a sense of humor than our own Lee Muller, if you can believe it.) Anyway, it’s a persistent movement out there.

On the front page of today’s WSJ was this story, which contained the following lame attempt to explain just what it is that Hillary supporters are so ticked about:

    The Clinton holdouts are typically most angry about what they say was the media’s sexist treatment of Sen. Clinton during the campaign. And though few, if any, blame Sen. Obama directly, they fault the Illinois senator and other party leaders for what they say was failing to do enough to stop it….

    Last Wednesday, Daphna Ziman, a prominent Beverly Hills backer of Sen. Clinton, hosted a conference call of some 70 political activists from around the country, spurred by what she and others on the call saw as the media’s sexism during the campaign.
    One high-profile example: pundits both on TV and in print referred to Sen. Clinton’s laugh as a "cackle." Separately, a joke by comedian Chris Rock comparing the candidate to the knife-wielding madwoman played by Glenn Close in the film "Fatal Attraction" was picked up and parroted by others in the mainstream media.

Really: A "cackle." They’re really worked up about stuff like this. For a moment, I thought, "These two WSJ reporters, who are both of the male persuasion, are trying to make fun of the legitimate concerns of the Clinton camp," but then I realized they were doing their best! What those folks are mad about is precisely stuff like this! And they complain about it without smirking or anything.

And poor ol’ Obama is supposed to have made Chris Rock stop it. Or something. Don’t ask me to explain.

13 thoughts on “Apparently, Hillary supporters still really ticked

  1. Lee Muller

    If you read your own blog, you’ll see that I long ago described Hillary’s laugh as a cackle, which made her sound like she was going to fly off on Broom One.

  2. Umph!!!

    Hillary can take as much of this crapola as the MSM can throw at her. With grace and charm and Christian charity. Good Grief, she’s been married to Bill for what? 100 years or more!?!
    It’s the rest of us that are in a freaking FIT OF THE CENTURY. That’s why she would make the best Commander in Chief. And WE SUPPORTERS DEFINITELY WOULDN’T!!!

  3. Tom Willett

    the rejection of Hillary had little to do with sex or the cackle. she represents what people hate about politicians. she will do or say anything to obtain and hold onto power while doing little or nothing for her constituents. she is the poster child for the repeal of the 17th amendment.

  4. penultimo mcfarland

    Seriously, not that it has anything to do with Hillary Clinton, though it may in light of the ever-thirsting Clinton ego, what blog boss past the age of 50 has ever osted a two-decades-old picture of himself to punctuate his apparent midlife crisis with an exclamation point?
    I’m thinking you looked less nerdy in the crop-mark era than you do now, Mr. Warthen, but I have no room to talk, and I enjoy disagreeing with Karen, so I might just be speaking to find out how resonant my voice isn’t.
    On the other hand, because blog bosses rarely show their faces, even if they do display a less picturesque part of their anatomy with stunning regularity, thanks for giving us a picture of your past.
    Are you and Bob Coble related?

  5. Gloria

    I will not support Obama. I think Hillary should be the nominee and was cheated by the pressure of the DNC delegates. It sickens me to know she would have been a great President, but got the shaft by men who could not handle a woman in charge.

  6. penultimo mcfarland

    Now that Obama’s crowding McCain in the middle, Hillary’s people ought to be mad.
    I mean, that’s a Clinton tactic, having no real position on anything, touting one thing on one side of town and something else on the other side of town all in the same hour.
    Or is having no real self other than pure ego simply a Democrat characteristic?

  7. Lee Muller

    Obama is an empty suit, a front man for a DNC machine which was, and is, in a power struggle with the Clintons. They couldn’t control Bill or Hillary, but they control Obama.

  8. Reader

    Bill Clinton balanced the budget. Doesn’t that count for something? Now, you all know that he wouldn’t REALLY sit idly by playing Clackers, smoking cigars, and flirting with the pizza delivery girls — he would have his finger in a few Executive Pies if Hillary were President.
    I still say:
    Hillary, Pres./Mitt, VP, [or vice-versa]
    Bill, Anonymous Strategist/Media Front Man
    = the ticket for economic recovery.
    Forget the R’s, D’s, & all other preconceived notions.
    P.S. Brad with his (?) years’ old mug is consummate proof that men are vain, too. Now, if I could only get the DMV to let me keep using the 1996 photo of me — the ONLY FLATTERING ONE on record — anywhere, anytime — I would quit complaining about ALMOST everything.
    P.P.S. Confidential to Nathan Ballentine, my adopted pet Congressman —
    3rd shoe=dud
    My blood/sweat/tears = a “me2” for next one.
    Love Y’all — Mean It XXXOOOOXXXOO


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