Meanwhile, over in the Hillaryverse…

s the Clintons prepare to engage in catharsis tonight and tomorrow, it seems fitting to see what’s going on over in the alternative universe in which the diehard Hillary supporters live and move and have their being. We’ve visited it before, but it remains a strange place to the uninitiated, a place where people can say the following without a trace of irony:

Open Letter To SuperDelegates:

Rarely is one person given the opportunity and the responsibility to make a decision which will affect the future of their country. This is indeed such a time. It is as important a decision as the decision that citizens of this country made to revolt against the British government. It is as important a time as the moment that John Hancock decided to prominently sign his name, knowing that his signature would be considered treason punishable by death. Soon, each superdelegate will make a decision that will irrevocably usher in a time of corruption and political cheating or prosperity and a stable productive government. Such is the choice you have before you: whether to nominate Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama has no substantial experience in government, no distinguished voting record, and no history of patriotic service to this country. Further, he has no leadership experience, having accomplished little during his tenure in Illinois or the Senate. His only experience is as a community organizer, a woefully inadequate preparation for the presidency. However, due to positive exposure from the media and the DNC, he has managed to catapult himself beyond far more qualified candidates. Further, he won many delegates from caucuses, a troublesome sign given that widespread caucus cheating has been documented and caucuses do not fairly represent the will of the voters. He has alienated key groups of traditionally Democratic voters. Do not be lulled into thinking that new younger voters will compensate for such voters, as they represent a huge block of moderate voters who elected Bill Clinton president. Do not think that empty phrases of change and hope can substitute for hard-core experience and a love of this country. Barack Obama’s only agenda is to get elected. He neither knows how to run this country or to be loyal to it. His loyalty is to himself alone, and to the goal of being elected president.

Hillary Clinton has substantial experience and a desire to do what is right and good for this country. While the media and the DNC abandoned her, she stood firm and strong, propelled by the loyalty and needs of eighteen million citizens. With her perseverance and policy knowledge, she demonstrated that she can lead this country while she weathered adversity and stood alone against the media and the political establishment…

Really. You can find that at But there is more. There is, as I say, a whole universe to explore — a universe where IT’S NOT OVER:

  • You can, for instance, find that Obama "was registered as a Muslim in Indonesia" from the video above, at
  • Or read denunciations of the "Democratic National Coronation" at (motto: "We adore shoes, but we love Hillary," which at least shows the ability to poke fun at oneself).
  • Or read that "McCain Gets It" at

Here’s a longer list of such sites. Enjoy.

18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, over in the Hillaryverse…

  1. Guero

    I see the John McSame people will stoop to any level to get him elected.
    Knowing the Republicans’ history of dirty tricks, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out these sites originate with McSames’ advisors he hired from Karl Rove.

  2. HP

    “alternative universe in which the diehard Hillary supporters live and move and have their being.”
    Good one, Brad. Who can disagree when you quote scripture? And — you have a point, because…I can see…Both Sides, Now*
    *Quoting Joni Mitchell. Because music is the only language Dems and right-wingers can speak in civil forums.
    I have decided to try to post civil-ly. MM will be proud of me. 😉

  3. Anon.

    I don’t have audio — but if I knew I was going on national television, I would have fixed the straps. Unless she was making a specific point of some sort.

  4. Red Bank Bar

    After doing a little on-line research, it looks like Guero was right.
    The PUMA founder turns out to be a McCain supporter from way-back, even donating to his campaign in 2000 with no contributions ever to any Democratic candidate.
    Sorry, Brad, you’ve been taken in by a Republican front group.

  5. Lee Muller

    Hillary is positioning herself to be appointed the replacement candidate after Obama is found to be legally ineligible to serve in the US Senate, much less as President.
    Barack Obama is a citizen of Indonesia, where he attended a Muslim Wahabe school for his early years.
    A federal lawsuit had its first hearing on Monday. The judge refused to grant a TRO to stop the nomination, but let the case continue, and will render a decision on a request for expedited discovery of the facts, maybe by 8/27/2008. Obama, his staff , DNC officials, the INS and FEC officials are being served with papers today demanding proof of Obama’s citizenship.

  6. Guero

    Lee: I think Brad should begin requiring proof of being a homo sapien before anyone is allowed to post here.
    You’re obviously an alien with bizarre beliefs, delusional thinking, with auditory hallucinations.
    I thought all Repugnants were opposed to frivolous lawsuits?
    Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot delusional thinking can’t be treated and one should never confront the person as that only makes them more delusional and paranoid.
    Let’s try again…Lee: Good thinking, bud. Keep up the good work and posting. We all need the break from reality.

  7. Reader

    This ain’t frivolous, Guero. This is serious!!
    Oh, if I could only find the cartwheels icon this A.M.!
    It would be here (X) flipping flips!!!
    We just don’t like Bamy, but that can’t be the ***Official Reason*** .
    I KNEW Hillary wasn’t just sitting around sulking.

  8. bud

    Guero, you have to think of Lee as the comic relief on the Blog. If you’ve followed Lee’s rants over the years you find that no matter what the facts he always reaches the neo-con talking point conclusion. Heck he even suggested, against all the evidence, that the economy suffered 3 recessions during the Clinton years, even citing a government source to back it up. But when you actually looked at the source it clearly indicated there were zero recessions during Clinton’s tenure.

  9. Lee Muller

    You’re either unable to comprehend economic data, or simply making it up to defend Clinton. Most people can at least remember 8 years back to the 2000 recession Clinton left for Bush to clean up with a small tax cut.
    Clinton never ran a surplus budget either.
    In fact, he never proposed one.
    In fact, he wanted more spending and larger deficits, but Newt Gingrich overcame his vetoes.

  10. Guero

    Thanks, Bud, for the history lesson. I remember Lee denying St. Ronnie Reagan ever traded TOW missiles for hostages-geez that was a reality challenging moment)
    I see Lee is willing to change his story to suit whatever vision he has at the moment of posting. First it was Indonesia, now it’s Kenya. I suppose tomorrow it could be Ft. Sumter (Is that still in the Confederacy?)

  11. Lee Muller

    Did you bother to read the article about the lawsuit? Apparently not.
    It produces evidence showing Barack Obama was not born in the US, so he cannot hold office in the US Senate or President.
    Court documents from his parents’ divorce show him being born in Kenya, and later adopted and made a citizen of Indonesia, where he attended a radical Wahabe Muslim school.

  12. Lee Muller

    Israel negoatiated with a moderate faction, opposed to the Ayatollah Homeni, to sell TOW missiles and medical supplies to Iran, and they agreed to try to negoatiate the release of US hostages… when JIMMY CARTER was President.
    7 years later, in 1986, Democrats tried to claim Reagan, who had not even filed tor run for the nomination, was really behind Carter’s deal.
    Years of investigations found the Democrat allegations to be fabrications. The result was a backlash against Iranian moderates in the Parliament, and the radicals in power there today… thanks to lying Democrats.

  13. Lee Muller

    Brad, why do you dismiss every criticism of Obama as being a baseless smear?
    Why is the media so fawning, so unable to be objective and critical?
    Obama does have no experience. That’s a fact.
    Obama does not appear to be a “natural-born American citizen”. The facts are before a federal court, in a suit to remove him from the ballot, and the judge says it is strong enough to have an immediate hearing.

  14. SC Hillacrat

    Brad, you forgot one site:
    But now I am glad you did. I am now 0 for 2 on *****Freedom to Comment*****and am convinced they are funded by John McCain. I have been swiftly and summarily censored on:
    1. Wondering if the arugula in Obama’s hand was really collard greens (assumed racism). [Liberals Remain Blind to SoetorObama’s Weaknesses and Dangers]
    2. Calling the PUMAs fickle for their immediately running to McCain’s extended trunk holding Governor Palin. [A Brilliant Trap Makes Dems the Male Chauvinists]

  15. Lee Muller

    Obama is not even a US citizen. He will be off the ticket, with Biden and Hillary running by October.

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