Radical Chic, and Mau-Mauing the Superdelegates

Four quick things:

  1. First, don’t try to figure out the headline on this post. It doesn’t exactly make sense; I just liked it.
  2. Second, The Washington Post has a piece today suggesting that if Hillary Clinton is going to point to Barack Obama’s associations with ’60s-era radicals, she’ll need to answer for her own experience "in the summer of 1971 when she worked as an intern at a left-wing law
    firm in Oakland, Calif., that defended communists and Black Panthers."
  3. Third, when folks do give Obama a hard time about the Weather Underground, why do they talk about Bill Ayres, when the guy’s name rings no bells for me? Why don’t they speak instead of Ayres’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn, who is way more famous and way, way more memorable? She and Obama worked in the same law firm once, and when an Obama fund-raiser was held at Ayres’ home when he was running for state Senate, it was her home, too? This seems to me a slight to female radicals everywhere, and they are not a category of woman one usuals wants to cross…
  4. Finally, which do you prefer, Weather Underground, or the much-cooler, Dylan-inspired "Weatherman?" Not that I’m trying to influence your decisions…

13 thoughts on “Radical Chic, and Mau-Mauing the Superdelegates

  1. Lee Muller

    People who were around in those days, know that Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn were equally wanted by the FBI.
    Obama also has to answer for another mentor, his father, the Marxist supporter of Jomo Kenyatta and the current regime in Kenya.
    Obama also has to answer for another mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, of the Communist Party USA.
    But the MSN won’t ask. Most of them are 1960s radicals whose entire life is centered around their selfish, unprincipled opposition to the Vietnam War only when the draft exemptions ended for graduate school.
    It didn’t bother them when Ralph Nader ran his campaign out of CPUSA headquarters in New York.
    It doesn’t bother them that John Kerry’s anti-war efforts were financed by the KGB.
    It didn’t bother them that Bill Clinton lied to his draft board, then fled to England to avoid induction or arrest, and showed up in Moscow as a guest of the KGB.
    The media derailed the primaries by character assassination of all the other candidates except theirs: McCain, Hillary and Obama.

  2. Mike Cakora

    My response to your questions:
    1. Old news. Papa u mau mau, papa u mau ma mau; everybody’s heard about the bird.
    2. She should be challenged but won’t be, probably because she’s dead meat. She was also fired for unethical conduct during her stint on the Senate Judiciary Committee for her obstruction on the Watergate investigation. Here’s a hoot: a left-wing media watchdog quotes her supervisor’s concerns about her ethics, but argues that he did not have the power to fire her! That certainly resolves the issue for me.
    3. I agree, but I don’t think that Obama’s connection with terrorists Dohrn and Ayers will have much purchase with anyone younger than 55 or so. While Dohrn may have greater name-recognition, Obama shared the board seats with Ayers, so there’s a firmer connection with him. That may reflect bias, Dohrn may have been more engaged with Obama, but we can’t tell from press reports to date.
    4. I prefer Dylan and Weird Al’s palindromic tribute to him, so go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog. From the reference you’ve linked to, it looks like “Weatherman” preceded “Weather Underground Organization” in usage. I don’t think either means much to folks younger than 55, but either may be really important to them if they knew about it.

  3. penultimo mcfarland

    I just wanna know whether its Ayres or Ayers, who errs and who puts on airs.
    An ayre, by the way, is lute-icrous.

  4. Jimmy

    Really, who cares? We’re so far from the ’60s – I mean, my parents were in elementary school then. We have two whole generations of adults that weren’t even able to drive a car during the decade (or, you know, not born yet).
    It’s time for the boomers to turn the page and realize that someone who was 21 in 1968 (then the legal voting age) is 61 now – a bit more like retirement party and a little less like pot party, or, for that matter, Communist Party or Bull Moose Party or Grand Union of Crazies Party.

  5. penultimo mcfarland

    Apparently, Jimmy, no one as short-sighted as you.
    A generation, by the way, is still considered to be about 30 years. The year 2030, not 2008, will postdate the 1960s by two generations.
    Here’s hoping that when you turn 61 someone treats you with as little respect as you just showed those of us who’ve seen more than one fish shot in a barrel and at least one child try on use the same tricks we tried on our parents.
    Here’s also hoping, for obvious reasons, you’re not old enough to vote.

  6. Lee Muller

    Thinking, patriotic Americans care, Jimmy.
    * Obama announced his race for the Illinois Senate in the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn just a few years ago.
    * Obama’s advisor with links to Hamas just resigned last week.
    * Hillary is still using 1960s communists like Harold Ickes as close advisors.
    There is no statute of limitations on murder and treason.
    These friends of Hillary and Obama committed murder and treason.

  7. Jimmy

    Ollie North committed treason, too, right? I mean, he sold arms to the Iranians. But he did that for Reagan, so that means Reagan endorsed selling arms to a national enemy.
    Or, maybe he was just napping at the time and Bush 41 was running the operation.
    It seems if you’re the right person with the right amount of power, you can get away with anything.

  8. Lee Muller

    Yep, you were napping, Jimmy, probably in your crib.
    Ollie North didn’t sell arms to Iran.
    Ollie North was supplying arms to the Contras, who were fighting the communist Sandanista regime in Nicaragua, which was backed by Cuba, the USSR, and many Democrats in Congress.
    Reagan was selling medicine to Iran, through the moderates there. Democrats queered the deal with a bunch of lies, which helped the radicals push the moderates out of power.
    The problem with many Americans is all they “know” about history is some one-line of propaganda that was fed them by the Democrat infotainment media and the schools.

  9. penultimo mcfarland

    Sure thing, Jimmy. If you’re the right person with the right amount of power, you can get away with anything.
    For a while.
    Notice how Hitler “got away” with the Holocaust.
    Besides, what would you care about Reagan? You weren’t old enough to drive a car during his administration, were you?
    I mean, heck, we’re so far from the ’80s, why would anybody care?
    But, oh, come to think of it, I see. The one thing your two posts have in common is that you don’t respect people older than you.
    How sad.

  10. Phillip

    “Reagan was selling medicine to Iran, through the moderates there.”—what??? you mean it’s possible to deal with different levels of leadership in a generally hostile regime like Iran…my God, that’s a sign of…of…sophisticated understanding of another country’s inner political machinations, which of course as we now know is…uh….I’m mean it’s downright, what’s the word our President uses…on the tip of my tongue…oh, yeah right that’s it…

  11. Lee Muller

    What Jimmy doesn’t respect is knowledge.
    Do you still believe that DNC tale about VP George Bush flying to Iran in an SR-71 to negotiate the hostage release? It’s part of that baloney that includes, “arms for hosstages” or however the particular lie phrases it.

  12. penultimo mcfarland

    Lee, knowledge is something that, unbeknownst to Jimmy, comes with age to those who actually keep their eyes open.

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