Did that mob look familiar?


tudents of Robert Ariail’s work may note that there’s something really familiar looking about that cartoon criticized on a local feminist blog.

Take a look at the cover of his last book, Ariail! There’s at least one particular character who appears in both. Of course, she appears in a lot of Robert’s cartoons, such as this one and this one and this one. He even has a name for her: He calls her "Auntie Bellum." She was to be a character in a comic strip that Robert and I kicked around a lot back in the 1990s, but never got around to developing (I haven’t given up hope of getting back to it, though).

Here’s how that cover developed: One day in 2001, Robert had another group of women angry at him — Muslim women who maintained that a gag he did about dress codes for pages at the State House (he’d drawn them in burqas) was anti-Islam. I said something like, "You’ve just got everybody on your case lately, don’t you — flag supporters, the governor, Democrats, Republicans, traditional Muslim women…." The drawing arose from that, and then Robert got to thinking that would be a good cover for a book….

You will note that women are not the only people who get really, really mad at Robert.

9 thoughts on “Did that mob look familiar?

  1. penultimo mcfarland

    Barack Obama, the most dangerous presidential candidate in American history.
    He would make political correctness law no matter what the constitution says about it.
    He believes in freedom of speech only when the speech supports him.
    God speed McCain.

  2. Guero

    Aw, Mikie, somebody gave you a wedgie!
    Three words, Mikie, RULE OF LAW, baby.
    Your links are nice, they lead to an analysis that agrees with Obama’s people, THE AD IS A VIOLATION OF THE LAW THAT CARRIER CRIMINAL PENALTIES.
    If you don’t like the law, pass another one Mikie.
    And, Mikie, I don’t recall your posts complaining about the Bushies stifling free speech. Can you point those posts out to us?
    Tell us when you complained of illegal wiretapping of Americans, the Repugnant Party and Bushite’s war on science and free speech, the Secret Service arresting people for wearing t-shirts with a message….

  3. Moneyrunner

    You make your point well. Hussein really is a new kind of politician – for the US. He doesn’t wait for the election; he bumps his opposition from the ballot before the election. Rule of law, you know. Check out those nomination petitions and challenge every name. That’s the way it’s done – Chicago Style.
    And those attack ads? Cry foul and put your opponents in jail. Rule of law with criminal penalties. Must have picked that election strategy up in Kenya where his relatives do that on a regular basis.
    It sure makes your royal road to the White House a lot smoother if your opponents are in jail. Rule of law, baby, rule of law.
    And people, if this is how Hussein acts before he’s President, imagined the RULE OF LAW that will be applied after he gets to appoint his own Attorney General.

  4. bud

    Given all the warrantless wiretapping, set aside free speech zones, detaining citizens without charges and all the litany of unconstitutional crap by our current president the hubris of the right to criticize anyone else for violating the constitution is something to behold.

  5. bud

    This is just too funny. Three years after Bush visited John McCain in Arizona to celebrate his birthday the wrinkly white-haired dude is making sure his day in the sun is not interupted by a new hurricane. An excerpt from the Washington Post:
    “Senior Republicans said images of political celebration in the Twin Cities while thousands of Americans flee a hurricane could be dubious. “Senator McCain has always been sensitive to national crisis,” said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds, noting that the senator postponed announcing his presidential candidacy in 2000 because of the war in the Balkans. “We are monitoring the situation very closely.”

  6. Mike Cakora

    Bud & Guero —
    You guys are so right. That’s one more reason never to vote for George W. Bush again.
    I already had a pretty durn good one, but you just sealed the deal.
    BTW, I liked what you call “warrantless wiretapping” and said so here and here.

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