Hey, Andre! Where’s the governor?

apt. Mark Sanford, U.S. Air Force Reserve, went to war today (incognito, posing as a milde-mannered governor). But he forgot to tell the XO he was leaving the bridge. Or whatever. (I was raised in the Navy, I don’t know what the AF guys call it.)

Andre_debate72Not that I think there’s anything bad about his not telling Lt. Gov. Bauer that he was leaving the country. I mean, I think he’s required to by law and all (maybe; sort of, depends on what "unavailable" means… or something… I don’t know, you read it), but hey — a guy’s gotta use his judgment in a combat situation. That’s what leaders do.

Here’s the question, though: Do you suppose he "forgot" to tell him on purpose — so as to undermine his junior officer in front of the crew, just before he faces a crucial vote of confidence next Tuesday?

I’ve been critical of the governor in recent days, but I don’t think he would play politics with something that serious.

So here’s the second question: If he didn’t do it on purpose, did he really just forget? And how do we feel about that?

In any case, what if something had happened to the governor, and Andre didn’t know he was now in charge? OK, once again, we’re getting into the realm of that judgment thing. Best leave it be.

Still, I’m kind of peaved that the governor didn’t tell me he was going. I could have gone with him, and watched his "six" for him. Or something. Instead, I’m stuck here writing a stupid blog post, the point of which I’ve lost…

9 thoughts on “Hey, Andre! Where’s the governor?

  1. Nathan

    Okay, I am going to hope that this is comedy, because if it isn’t…well, nevermind.
    I’m sure though that the state would have been in serious danger if Bauer didn’t know that something happened to Sanford. I’m sure that in today’s media environment, we would have had a void of leadership for at least 26 minutes.

  2. Randy E

    This reminds me of the movie in which every day a teacher reads his newspaper during class. The students walk in, work a handout the entire class, then drop it on his desk at the bell as they leave. One day the teacher dies with the paper still in front of him as if he were still reading. The entire school day continues as normal because nobody notices.

  3. mark

    We all know Jenny is in charge while the governor is away. Heck, she’s in charge when he’s here, too.
    Seriously, Sanford should have told Bauer. It’s just bad form– but typical Sanford.
    I wonder if Sanford boosted the troops morale by explaining why he vetoed legislation preeventing protests at military funerals?

  4. Ready to Hurl

    Here’s the real question: would the state of state be better off with Capt. Sanford overboard and Ensign Andre playing poker with the female crew members or with Ensign Andre at the helm?

  5. Chris White

    This tells us far more about Sanford than it does about Andre. But of course…anything the “State” can do to make Andre look poorly is a winner for the “State”…

  6. Lynn

    Isn’t it curious that while the Gov is out of the country there is a major personnel change at the Department of Commerce and no one involved in this change is around to explain it?
    Hello is there anyone in charge of our state’s economic development?

  7. Ralph Lauren

    Here’s the real question: golf shirt… sunglasses delicately perched in the open collar… bottled water… Where did Sanford think he was, Sullivan’s Island?

  8. David

    Chris White
    Got news for you.
    Andre does enough stupid stuff – he doesn’t need the local newspaper ripping him. He provides them with plenty of ammunition.
    You’d think a smart, mature person would realize that if the local newspaper is going to rip him for every little thing, he wouldn’t speed at over 100 mph on the interstate and help them in their cause to portray him as a true, bonafide, moron.

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