Where are the rally pics?

ou know what I want to see? I want to see some pictures of the rally Mike Campbell had up in Spartanburg that kept him from appearing with Andre Bauer on statewide live TV last night.

It must have been huge to have been more important. I’m not asking for Nuremberg-size or anything, but I hope it was at least more than some of these stump "events" the governor did recently, where there would be him, a couple of staffers, and two or three innocent bystanders going, "Hey, haven’t I seen him on TV?"

The latest thing out of the campaign in the Spartanburg paper is this — a day-old story written in Columbia by the Associated Press.

And speaking of the good ol’ A&P, they have not moved a single image of Mr. Campbell since election night, I kid you not. Oodles of pics of Andre on crutches — showing up to debate, standing by the roadside, hugging retiring Senate Chaplain George Meetze; all showiing him very game and brave, all very humanizing — but zilch of Campbell.

You’d think he could have used the free exposure the debate would have given him.

Maybe his campaign will see this and send me some jpgs. Or maybe I’ll remember to call them when I get in to work. It’s still a tad early now.


One thought on “Where are the rally pics?

  1. chris White

    I am still waiting on the photos from the rally…but from reading his press releases, it is clear he only works 3 to 4 hours a day…so I suspect it was more of a family, staffers and close friends deal…just the type of event u would think he would miss in order to debate the Lt. Gov…

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