Adjutant General Shocker!!!

Stan Spears is speaking to my Rotary club as I type — an actual campaign appearance!

After the way he ducked talking to our editorial board or appearing on ETV, this feels weird.

Of course, he’s not talking about the election. He’s talking about what a wonderful job "my people," as he puts it, are doing.

Oops, he just indirectly mentioned his opponent, by denying something he’s been criticized for.
Gotta go … bye.

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  1. Brad Warthen

    Sorry about the brevity there. I posted it from my PDA. By the way, the one indirect mention he made to his opponent was along the lines of "I have been criticized" for having essentially market S.C. to get that big new combat assignment for the 218th Brigade in Afghanistan.

    Mr. Lindman had said he was present in a meeting at which the "marketing" strategy was discussed, and that it took a couple of trips to Washington before the SC Guard "sales" people were successful.

    Anyway, Mr. Spears said nothing of the kind happened. He essentially made it sound as though there’s a computer or something in Washington that just crunches data containing all the specifications and qualifications for each unit, and what it spit out was that the SC brigade should get the job. Totally objective, no selling needed.

    Who’s right? I don’t know, and I’m not likely to know before tomorrow, and I continue to resent having to elect someone to this military command position…

  2. The Truth Shall Set You Free

    For the likes of me I can’t figure out why you HATE Republicans like Maj. Gen. Stan Spears so much.
    For crying out loud your own paper reported on October 5, 2006, “McEntire Air National Guard Base is on the list to receive the Air Force’s latest stealth fighters, the F-35A Lightning II.” (
    The General has been making appearances all over our great State, but when you folks wanted to have a debate, according to your paper, he was meeting with the decision makers in D.C. who decided our Air Guard would be one of six sites in the country to receive the F-35s.
    Please be sure to check out the Patriots Club website next time you have to write a report on our Army and Air National Guard. You may even find a few links to stories good journalists like Crumbo have written that we haven’t had to correct.

  3. mark g

    The botton line– SC is a laughing stock for electing its adjutant general.
    Stan Spears is no more engaged in this job than Grady is at this point for treasurer.
    The best thing this state can do is elect Lindman, a decorated combat vet, and then give him the support he’ll need to take this job off the ballot and make it appointed.
    It’s not a partisan position, so those who mindlessly vote “R” should think twice– a vote for Lindman will help us have far more qualified adjutant generals in the future.
    And it is critical that our men and women in the Guard have capable leadership.

  4. Davis Enloe

    Want a single and incontrovertible reason not to vote for Stan Spears – State Ethics law violations by his campaign workers – Danny Stewart and his Deputy Adjutant General for State Operations, John Shuler. Not enough? His Deputy Adjutant General, Harry Burchstead found guilty of violating federal whistleblower laws. Still not enough? Took hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaing contributions from soldiers in violation of federal election laws (18 USC 602 and 603).

  5. More Lindman Lies

    Mark G,
    South Carolina is the laughing stock of the nation for the items it is in the worst categories for like literacy,infant mortality, heart disease, tenage pregnancy. The SC National Guard has always been considered the top in the nation. Why do you think they have been selected so many time to contribute to this nations defense, and have received the best equipment around?
    The State News papoer has been obsessed with this issue sine the first real shakedown letter to troops was sent out by one of General Spears’ last opponents Father i n the 1974 election and since the first restructuring efforts.
    Warthen is having a bad case of obsessive-compulsive disorder and adolscent-egocentrism since GEneral Spears did not show up at the ETV debate because his obligations were doing his job and showing up in DC to learn of the new F-35 fighters.
    Lets see:
    -Endorsed by big Republicans on National level.
    -A real federally recognized General retired, but nonetheless a “real General”
    -Endorsed by many top level state Democrats
    -A college graduate , not just “attended, but graduated”
    -A proven leader that has led us for over 11 years.
    I guess this is a nobrainer but from the looks the no brainers are voting for Lindman so, I guess since I have a college degree , check out real qualifications , I will vote for Spears again. Heck, bring back so of his past opponent’s as they were way more qualified than the present one.

  6. More Lindman Lies

    Hey Davis,
    What happened to you, why did you not have the courage to run? I figure you must have a college degree, you were on every other campaign against Spears from 94 onward. I remember you backing Hendrix, Brown, etc, anyone to get Spears, and who wrote the shakedown letter in 1974? The one that said Colonels pay this much, Lt. Colonels this much, you see the pattern, you have been riding that ticket since, we all know. The State newspaper did the article, the then TAG disavowed the then Chief of Staff, he then ran vindictively as you have been, but at least had the guts to actually run for office. LOL

  7. Davis Enloe

    To More Lies:
    I encourage you to exercise you first amendment but it would sure be nice if you would bother to check your facts first. And . . . oh, having the morale courage to use a real name would be nice as well. Sorry, did not support Hendrix in any election – actually made the stupid misake of supporting a buffoon in the 1994 Adjutant General election. Yep, you are sure right about one thing. I took weeks to verfify the connection between SC Guard officers political contributions and their promotions and the article was in the Charlotte Observer. And, rest assured, I will continue to stand up against retaliation against soldiers everytime I can. Why don’t you try something different, like step out from behind your shadow and do the same . . . ummm, forgot, takes a little morale courage doesn’t it?

  8. Mark G

    The SC Guard members have had a good reputation, but the administration has not. The troops and noncommissioned officers are first rate, despite Spears.
    And Sprears didn’t debate because of some stealth business in D.C. He dodged that debate like he has all the others during his entire career.
    It’s clear “More Lindman” has a dog in the fight, and can’t be impartial. Which is fine– good for him. But for those of us who want to make informed decisions at the polls, I hope you’ll cast a thoughtful vote for adjutant general today.

  9. Phillip

    Sorry, Brad, I know this is completely offtopic, but on my way to the polling booth, reviewing The State’s endorsements, I was stunned to see that you all endorsed a “Yes” on Amendment #1. I must have been out-of-town when that came down the pike. The capsule justification (“getting the issue off our plates”) is also truly bogus.
    Many years ago, in a more racially intolerant time in this state, I bet the State took some editorial stances that in this modern day and age look rather shameful. I think around 2035 or so we’re going to look at this Amendment endorsement in the same way.
    I just hope for the sake of your editorial board that none of their children, grandchildren, friends, colleagues are among those adversely affected by the “setting in stone” of this kind of intolerance and setting-apart of a segment of society. I also hope that all of those who support this amendment manage to figure out what strange factor must be at work in their heterosexual marriages that makes them think those marriages are somehow threatened by what other people do with their private lives.
    I’m sure the amendment will pass 3-to-1 at least, but then again, amendments against mixed-race marriage would have probably passed by that margin here once upon a time. Times will change, understanding will increase on this issue, eventually, here as well as elsewhere in the nation. In the end, business may well be the leader, as the economic implications become clearer.

  10. FunnyDavis

    Right Davis, ever read The Prince? If so, I would suggest youy review and study the Duke of Borgia.I bet you have not read though, I do know you were behind Hendrix in 94, your father-in-law was. And the study by Eichel was as ethical as an attorney sleeping with their client and as mathmatically sound as a 8 year old doing calculus, after all who would use tombstone promotions in their calculations as an actual promotion?

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