The Mallory Factor

Who is Mallory Factor, whose guest column appears on the op-ed page today? And no, he’s not aFactormallory character from a Douglas Adams novel, even though the name may remind you of "Ford Prefect." (It did me, anyway.)

He’s a really, really conservative rich guy from New York who recently moved to Charleston. He’s also
increasingly into politics. And, like Howard Rich, he’s increasingly into South Carolina politics.

On a bit of a whim, I asked Thomas Ravenel, another really, really conservative rich guy, if he knew Mallory Factor. I kind of had a hunch they might have managed to get together. And sure enough, they had. Here’s what Mr. Ravenel had to say. (Sorry about the way it cuts off too soon; that’s as much as will fit on a clip with my little camera — I still thought it was interesting. Especially the part about going to a roast for the guy who invented the Laffer Curve. You’ve really got to be a supply-sider to get invited to those kinds of parties.)

3 thoughts on “The Mallory Factor

  1. Ready to Hurl

    Factfinder, surely you don’t expect Brad to actually be knowledgeable about about current events!
    Next you’ll expect him to analyze them and attach importance.

  2. Vivek

    I’m looking for Mallory Factor. He had spoken to me when I had my Electronics store on 72nd street and Broadway. He was very kind to me. Now I’ve been trying to contact him and I am finding it very hard to locate him. Please help. My number is 917 721-5438. I can be reached at this phone number at any time. I desperately need to share a secret with him.

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