Ravenel missing from MySpace

A little footnote from last week: In the midst of all the busyness, someone made a passing reference to Thomas Ravenel’s MySpace site, and I thought, "Oh, yeah…," and resolved to go check it for leads on the big political story of the week.

But it was gone. Here’s what you get when you go to what I think was his address:

Invalid Friend ID.
This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.

Which is  politically correct, while being grammatically incorrect. But I digress.

You’ll remember that "Thomas" was one of Andre Bauer’s MySpace "friends." No more, which is sad, I guess. But the upside is that Andre is still there, and he still has lots of other friends — 898 of them, in fact. In case you were worried.

Party on, dudes!

13 thoughts on “Ravenel missing from MySpace

  1. Terri

    How you must revel in the fall of Thomas, and how energetically you link Andre to Thomas the Evil. Your dark heart is apparent, and with your juvenile display of sophistry you show once again why the State newspaper is irrelevant to the average citizen of SC.
    I think you could save yourself the trouble of constructing the constant jabs at Andre just by formulating a simple “tag line”…”we here at the State believe that Andre has made mistakes in his life, and is unable to rise above them, and therefore we pledge to discredit him at every chance, from now until eternity”.
    Now…see how simple. No need for nuance. No need for forgiveness. No need to believe that someone could grow and mature…no, sir, just simply a cold and bleak expression showing the darkness of your own soul. Simple and so easy….

  2. Brad Warthen

    OK, perhaps I was being a bit facetious there, but how is one to react to all that “darkness” stuff? And based on what? Where were the “dark” parts of what I posted?
    Andre’s fan club is really something. I don’t think I’ve run into the like before. I mean, you mention the guy’s name, and they’re marching in the streets with torches….

  3. LexWolf

    Heh. For me there are only 4 reasons to buy The State’s Sunday edition (forget the rest of the week): the ad circulars for Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples and Target. Fortunately, they are all available on their websites for free so I’ve saved about $500 over the past 7 years by not buying the paper. Maybe if I were the coupon-clipping type but back in my paper-buying days there quite a few weeks where the coupons I liked didn’t even cover the price of the paper.

  4. LexWolf

    Oh, Terri,
    gotta keep the tag lines short so how about this one for The State: “We Don’t Like Andre!”
    “We also Don’t Like School Choice, Tax Cuts, Smokers, Citizen Freedom or anything else we don’t like.”

  5. Terri

    I suppose the fan club sees it this way. In 2006 Andre was outspent nearly 3 to 1 by his opponents and still won two elections that year. The opposing campaigns used the same line of attack that the State uses every time they mention Andre’s name. Has the possibility struck you that the people have looked at those(and the opposing campaign’s)charges and dismissed them? Has it occured to you that they may believe a man can grow and mature and learn from his mistakes?
    The problem with The State is that it seems never to learn. By harping on the same old “junk” you stymie debate, and demonstrate why good people don’t run for office…why would anyone subject themselves to never ending personal criticism when there is so much else that NEEDS to be discussed.

  6. Jean

    I’m sure you have plenty of reporters “beating the streets” trying to find a way to tie Andre’ into the Thomas Ravenel incident. Everybody knows you people at The State will continue to use any avenue available to crucify and ridicule Andre”. Why don’t you give him a rest and try reporting on the antics of Paris, Brittany, etc.- maybe more people would buy the newspaper!

  7. Brad Warthen

    I have no reporters. But perhaps you meant "you" in the plural sense.

    In any case, these are the editors who have reporters… Just ignore the picture of me there, since I was just a guest.

  8. LexWolf

    Brad, you obviously missed my meaning so let me spell it out for ya. There are so many State editorial positions without rational arguments to support them that another one of your mottos might as well be “We don’t like it because we don’t like it”! I know, you’re funny that way, heh.

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