Bear with me

Folks, I think I have the authentication thing going and working now. Trouble is, when you call up an individual post, the formatting is all screwed up. But you can still read it, and everything seems to be functional.

I’m going to continue to screen the comments for a while, though, seeing as how the first two to successfully authenticate and post did so while giving absolutely no information about themselves, which makes you wonder what the point is.

Anyway, things seem to be working, after a fashion. I’ll continue to try to improve the process. In other words, pardon our remodeling.

6 thoughts on “Bear with me

  1. Mike Cakora

    Brad –
    This process strips out the HTML tags, so I can’t enter links, do a blockquote, or whatever.
    Can you adjust it to allow basic HTML formating, to include href?

  2. Brad Warthen

    Sorry about that. I thought I was making it BETTER, not worse.
    The problem is that the explanations of these settings are not very explanatory.
    I had changed it from “Allow limited HTML,” which is “explained” as “If selected, commenters will be permitted to use HTML to format their comments.”
    I had switched it to “Auto-link URLs,” which is defined as “If selected, all URLs submitted in a comment will be transformed into links.” That sounded like it would help all those people who try to copy URLs into messages, to no avail.
    I don’t know why we can’t have both — software that recognized a URL for what it is, and also allows the more sophisticated user to put in some coding. How hard would that be?
    Anyway, I’ve switched it back now. And I’m sure I’ll be fiddling more in the coming days, as I’m far from satisfied with the status quo.

  3. Dave

    I used to sign my name as “Ed.” Now, I don’t mind at all signing my real name…Dave…but I swear I do not see how Brad has improved this blog. Every comment that one makes must be run through the disgronificator and checked for purity and absence of passion or conservatism before it is “approved?” And this process takes how long? Sorry. I enjoyed talking with you, but this isn’t worth it to me. I don’t know what Brads’ aim was, but as far as I’m concerned he’s made it too difficult, too sterile and most importantly, no fun. I guess once he gets everyone who is able to post to just roll over and be on his side, he’ll be happy with the blog. I got better things to do. Good luck with that, Brad. ED

  4. Weldon VII

    To comment, please sign in.
    So I clicked on that and found out I am signed in, which I thought I was, but who was to know, because when I tried to respond to another post, the site told me I wasn’t registered, even though I did register and am now signed in, according to the site.
    As Ed said above, this process is a bit much, too slow and indefinite in real time.
    By the way, your new column picture looks too self righteous, a pretty tragic match for the fluff ‘n’ puff piece about Lindsey Graham Sunday.

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