Anybody polled on Columbia politics?

This is obviously not going to be of interesting to my burgeoning national audience (which is a good thing, as maybe this, combined with my lack of posts the last couple of days, will make those folks go away), but I was wondering whether any of you in the Columbia area have been subjected to a rather lengthy phone poll regarding city electoral politics. Have you?

A colleague’s wife received such a call last week, and was asked a whole lot of questions (thereby implying the expenditure of vast sums) about prospective candidates for city office. One of the scenarios: Mayor Bob vs. Daniel Rickenmann.

It was the sort of poll you don’t usually get during a by-election in such a local political sphere. It makes you wonder whose it was. It makes you wonder who paid for it. It particularly makes you wonder in light of this story this morning.

Anyone have any intel on this, or observations to relate?

One thought on “Anybody polled on Columbia politics?

  1. Karen McLeod

    Wish I could say yes, but I’m outside the city limits. Never mind that I live within 3 miles of the State House, and within easy walking distance of the Fairgrounds, and Williams-Brice. Did I mention that I also didn’t have city sewerage. From all the building and renovating going around, it looks as if my area is ready to start gentrification. I wonder if Columbia is going to want us, once some of the people down here make some money. I am sure that if the city ever wants me to pay city taxes, it will need to provide city services.


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