Clare offers to sacrifice herself for the Greater Good

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Y’all remember Clare Morris, don’t you? She’s our correspondent who gave us the inside reports on Mark Sanford’s political comeback several years back.

Well, I ran into Clare this morning, and she notified me that she had done a crazy thing: Applied to join the Richland County Election Commission. Making her one of the 100-plus to do so.

I told her how crazy it was. Apparently, many others had told her, too.

But I paid her homage as well. Somebody has to run for it, if it’s ever to be fixed.

I wished her luck, if she was sure she wanted to sacrifice herself in this way.

I’m not sure anyone’s going to be elected to it today. Lynn Teague reported this a short while ago:



3 thoughts on “Clare offers to sacrifice herself for the Greater Good

  1. Lynn Teague

    The delegation members are questioning Richland Commission applicants with polling place experience, asking about problems they gave encountered. The quality and number of machines are mentioned. Rutherford mentions that current system has always been problematic.

    I won’t be posting here normally because much faster on Twitter.

  2. Barry

    Why so many applicants? What about these jobs attracts so many people? This seems a bit unusual.

    Hate to be negative but it does cause me to question what the attraction is for such a job given the lack of volunteers for many other public service roles.

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