Faint with damning praise

OK, OK, I guess I was wrong! I guess maybe there was some fatal flaw in that Edwards column! I say that not because of any criticism leveled up until now, but because Michael Graham praised it. This means I will probably be fired at any moment, and that’s usually a bad sign.

Or maybe, just maybe, he’s settling down. At least, he mentions something about a full-time job in this message:

Your John Edwards piece got a lot of attention. Deserved it, too.  Congrats!

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m retiring the Usual Suspects column. (details attached)

I’m in the Boston Herald twice a week now and that (plus a fulltime job, four kids and Jennifer) are keeping me too busy.

I’m coming to Charleston later this month to do a show at Theatre 99.  It’s comedy based on my experiences of being:

  • Fired from talk radio in Washington DC by the Council of Angry-Islamic Radic…er Council on American-Islamic Relations
  • Jumped by illegal immigrants for wearing my "INS" (I Need border Security) t-shirt to one of their rallies
  • Banned from SC public radio for making fun of the state legislature
  • Shaken down by the Secret Service for on-air comments I made re: Hillary Clinton and a tire iron.

It’s been years since I did stand-up for a living, but it should be fun.  Might (or might not) be of interest to folks in Columbia.

Take care.
Michael Graham

5 thoughts on “Faint with damning praise

  1. Doug Ross

    I wonder if Michael Graham would be comfortable with people who have met him offering their “gut” reaction about him?
    I met Michael Graham a couple times many years ago when he was working for Secretary of State Jim Miles and I was working for several months on a computer system to handle registering SC corporations and notaries in Miles’ office.
    Let’s just say the first five minutes in his presence left an indelible impression on me. And not in a good way.
    But, luckily, I continued to read his columns in the paper and read his blog regularly (still do most every weekday) and was able to form a more complete picture of him over time.
    His penance apparently for past bad behavior is having to face Boston traffic every day. 🙂

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