Lookee, y’all! Ah’m being mean to the Mexicans! See?!?

Just received this e-mail:

September 13, 2007       

Graham Votes to Restrict Mexican Trucks on American Roads

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) voted to end a NAFTA pilot program that allows Mexican trucks to transport goods throughout the United States.  The Senate voted 72-24 to cut off all funds from the program.
    “This problem has been brewing for a decade and now it has finally come to a head,” said Graham.  “There are very serious safety concerns about Mexican trucks on American roadways.  The pilot program has holes that will make important safeguards unenforceable.  In America, we have standards and those standards are not being met.  Until I am convinced the safety of Americans can be protected, I can not allow this program to continue.”
    The Mexican truck program was created by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the pilot program began September 6.  According to a recent report from the Department of Transportation Inspector General the pilot program has not developed and implemented complete, coordinated plans for checking trucks and drivers participating in the demonstration project as they cross the border.  There also remain questions about the program relating to insurance, equipment defects, driving time and environmental impact.      The provision passed as part of the Fiscal Year 2008 Transportation Appropriations Bill.  The bill must now go to conference with the House of Representatives before it can be sent to President Bush.

9 thoughts on “Lookee, y’all! Ah’m being mean to the Mexicans! See?!?

  1. Doug Ross

    Unless the trucks enter the country illegally… then Lindsey will allow them to stay AND give them free tires and an oil change.

  2. Brad Warthen

    I miss that kind of service — don’t y’all?
    Sit in the car while somebody starts the gas pumping, wipes the windshield, and checks under the hood, and the proprietor ambles out from behind his counter inside to ask, “Y’all want a Co-Cola?”
    And all for 25 cents a gallon. For high-test.
    How many of you out there can remember that?

  3. weldon VII

    I remember it, Brad, back when doctors made house calls and telephone companies offered party lines, back when one room had an air conditioner, if you were lucky.
    I miss some of all that, but would I want to give up my cell phone and PC to have it all back?
    Sho nuff.

  4. SPAMgate

    I sure can.Cars are a necessary evil and I hate touching the deathtraps.I was putting some air in a leaky tire last summer and the thing blew up.The attendant just stood their laughing while I got out the jack.I yelled at her:”Get back in your damn kiosk”.And hey,I’m a preacher’s son,I ain’t sposed to cussin’ no lady.Sure would be nice to bring back “service with a smile”.
    Speaking of Mexicans,you should try the restaurant in the strip mall on 378 across from New Brookland Baptist.Best burritos I’ve ever had.

  5. Hubert

    I was in Mexico last year. While reading about the rules of the road I came across an article. If you want a driver license, you buy it. It you want a drive licensr to drive a truck you pay a bigger fee. The article said. So when you are highway and it 9 PM and here comes a truck with no lights and the truck is speeding, say a little prayer that the driver is paying attention. I did..many times.

  6. Hubert

    Hi Doug…I remember when gas was 25 cents a gallon. That coke was good on a hot day. Remember cars didn’t have A/C, and we were making around $35 a week. No A/C anywhere.
    Coal and wood stoves. No TV, phones, but we had our radio. Good old days? For some, it was.

  7. Herb Brasher

    I remember 19 cents a gallon. Usually bought a dollar’s worth of gas at a time for my ’49 Plymouth (first car). But I don’t remember the proprietor asking if we wanted a coke. But maybe they were different here in SC than in Lubbock.

  8. Kevin Nowell

    If Lindsey Graham thinks his South Carolina constituents have forgotten his words and actions during the illegal immigration showdown, he is sadly mistaken; even with the “lovefest” provided by The State in the aftermath of Senator Graham’s “crash and burn.”
    Remember, I am the guy that made it into Lee Bandy’s column in the days after the US Senate “amnesty” defeat. Quote, “Kevin Powell (last name is Nowell, left a message with Dandy, but he never offered a correction) of Elgin stated that he will do everything in his power to prevent Graham from being reelected”
    I look forward to helping the SC GOP in finding a formidible candidate to challenge Graham in 2008. I also look forward to standing on downtown Columbia street corners picketing with “Deport Graham from Senate” signs.
    Kevin Nowell- Elgin, SC

  9. freesc2007

    Lindsey is just following Teddy Kennedy’s lead, here. Probably the Teamsters have something on Lindsey and he knew to vote this way. Just like Lindsey taking his cue from LaRaza.
    Notice McCain did not vote at all. Senators running for president are missing key votes. Shame on them!

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