Emile DeFelice to Colbert: Put Your State on Your Neck


We all know that Emile DeFelice, hog farmer and sloganmeister extraordinaire (when I told him I had missed his twice-monthly alternative farmers market yesterday because we were having a garage sale, he responded "Put your Junk in your Trunk"), is a real consciousness-raiser when it comes to putting S.C. first.

Here, he takes advantage of Stephen Colbert‘s having mentioned South Carolina peaches to present the South Carolinian comedian/presidential candidate with neckwear more appropriate to his surroundings. (Note the slogan Emile put on the box the tie came in, below.)

Candidate Colbert, ever ready to pander, immediately effected a change, without pausing in his patter.


2 thoughts on “Emile DeFelice to Colbert: Put Your State on Your Neck

  1. Scott

    Viva Colbert! He’s the best damned candidate in the group! I only wish he could truly kick Hillary’s ^@ss! I’d vote for him in a second if he could!


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