Garage sale! My place. Hurry!

We’re having a garage sale NOW at my house in Quail Hollow. Theoretically, it doesn’t start until 8, but of course people are already here. LOTS o’ stuff to sell, including a couple of big items like a kitchen stove/oven and a John Deere lawn tractor.

It’s at 100 Otter Trail. Quail Hollow is sort of behind Lexington Medical Center — between it and the Saluda River, off Sunset/378.

Gotta go.

3 thoughts on “Garage sale! My place. Hurry!

  1. bud

    Brad, do you like Pizza? I deliver for Dominos part time and Quail Hollow is part of our delivery area. If I deliver to your house I’ll reveal my full identity in person.

  2. Brad Warthen

    The stove’s gone, but there are several items of furniture — a desk, some tables — left, lots of clothes, and the John Deere. Prices are falling…
    And bud, I’m allergic to everything that goes into a pizza. But I’ll order one sometime for my family. Let me know when you’re on duty.

  3. weldon VII

    Gosh, Bud, I actually delivered pizza once upon a time, for Pizza Hut. Third funnest job ever for me.
    Will wonders never cease?

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