Meanwhile, the OTHER conservative dark horse is doing quite well…

Just as we’re getting this news about Sam Brownback, Mike Campbell sends out this note about Mike Huckabee, the other conservative from out West:

    Just wanted to give you a quick update.
    Governor Huckabee has had a
great week.
Great new poll numbers have
come out:
A DesMoines Register poll
shows Governor Huckabee leading among Republicans in Iowa while a new Rasmussen
Iowa poll shows Governor Huckabee at 18% in a virtual tie with Fred
    While Governor Huckabee is quickly rising in national polls,
the most recent Rasmussen polls shows him just one point behind John McCain,
there are only three polls to watch – those in Iowa, New Hampshire, and right
here in South Carolina. These numbers show that with your help Mike Huckabee can
win the only poll that matters – the one that takes place on election day, which
will be January 19, here in South Carolina.

    Also, tonight, Governor Huckabee will be featured
on the Glenn Beck show; on Sunday morning, you can catch him on Fox News Sunday;
and on Sunday night, I hope you will tune into Fox News Channel at 8PM to watch
the next Republican Presidential Debate.

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