Curriculum Vitae Über Alles

Al Gore is living proof that going to the right prep school and Ivy League college, plus racking up the right stuff on your subsequent resume is electoral dynamite.

At least, that’s what I initially garner from Zogby, who has found that the ex-Veep’s bio wins out over those of the current Democratic candidates. Here’s how he was described in the poll:

Candidate A … is an experienced candidate
from the South who has been Vice President of the United States and a
US Senator. This person has won several awards, including an Oscar, a
Grammy, and an Emmy for his documentary about global climate change.
This person has won the Nobel Peace prize and is recognized as an
international authority on foreign policy, energy, the environment, and
technology. This candidate has opposed the Iraq war from the beginning.

OK, so they left out the stuff about educational background. If I were Al, I’d gripe about that — but he’s on such a streak this days, he’s not one to kvetch.

You have to wonder, though, about the respondents who actually couldn’t figure out who this was. In fact, I find myself doubting that such folk exist, and yet this polling approach seems to assume they do

5 thoughts on “Curriculum Vitae Über Alles

  1. Mike Cakora

    New Mexico’s Bill Richardson has the better resume, but he was not included in the poll.

    – Governor re-elected with 69% of the vote.
    – nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    – negotiated the release of prisoners from Saddam Hussein,
    – convinced corrupt foreign heads of state to step down,
    – oversaw and reformed one of the most challenging and unmanageable agencies in government, the Department of Energy.
    – served for 15 years in the House, reelected with substantial majorities.

    Too bad, but Zogby knows what he’s doing.

  2. Mike Cakora

    Here’s a neat idea: complete this questionnaire and get a list of all the current candidates ranked in the order in which they agree with you. The results also show the issues on which they agree and disagree with you.

  3. bud

    I took Mike’s questionnare. Oh no, my candidate is Mike Gravel! Kucinich and Dodd were close behind.
    I didn’t know what to do with the energy question. I don’t think federal funding for ethanol is much of an answer but that’s the only option for that very important issue. As I expected I didn’t agree with the Republicans on much of anything. Ron Paul was the closest followed by Rudy. I’m going to take a hard look at Dodd before the primary. He seems out of the running but he does seem to be pretty good on the issues.

  4. weldon VII

    Before I took the questionnaire, my favorite candidate was Romney, and after him, Thompson.
    According to the quiz, Romney suits me best, and after him, Thompson.
    Least suited?
    Bud’s baby, Mike Gravel, tied with Dodd and Kucinich.
    Great questionnaire, I’d say.


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