Video: DeMint on why he’s for Romney

hortly after Mrs. Thompson left today, Jim DeMint dropped by The State to talk about his support for Mitt Romney.

While The Wall Street Journal cast doubt over the weekend on the political value of Romney’s business-executive reputation, Sen. DeMint remains sold on it. In fact, he sees such a background as key, not only to solving domestic problems, but foreign policy. At one point, he said "More important around the world than democracy is free enterprise."

As for Gov. Romney’s turnaround on abortion, all the better: "That’s a wonderful thing," he said. "Reagan was pro-choice." In other words, converts to the cause are welcome.

To hear the senator elaborate on these and other points, see the video.

3 thoughts on “Video: DeMint on why he’s for Romney

  1. Leo

    1. Ask Sen. DeMint about China. Free enterprise works best with an unlimited supply of slave labor. Is he against our Democracy, too?
    2. How can Sen. DeMint endorse someone for President that he didn’t even know?
    3. If Gov. Romney hasn’t changed on any other issue besides abortion, is he still in favor of same sex marriage as he instituted in Massachusetts?

  2. Lee Muller

    Aren’t you a member of Rotary International? Rotary was founded to promote world piece through small businessmen getting to know and understand each other. The basic tenet is that governments are too quick to resort to war when their diplomacy fails.

  3. rick campbell

    this is the same idiot who thinks 20 year old aluminum tubes are WMD’s…remember when south carolina had senators like thurmond and hollings…how far have we sunk with one that should be glad that the military has a “don’t ask, don’ tell policy” and one who thinks rick santorum and sean hannitty are relevant…jees how far we have fallen…

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