Bud Ferillo’s quote of the day

No, I don’t normally have a "quote of the day," but this is a good time to start a tradition. You saw the piece today about Brian Boyer’s unprecedented media buy — spending 50 Gs on a TV ad that will be wasted on most viewers, seeing as how most of ’em don’t live in the district?

The best part of that piece was the response from Bud Ferillo promising, on Belinda Gergel’s behalf, a similarly extravagant gesture:

We will not be outspent,” Gergel campaign consultant Bud Ferillo said.

Had our brethren in the newsroom more license to wax interpretive, the story might have said, "… Bud Ferillo said gleefully." Nothing like being a consultant in a spending war.

Ironically, I saw Bud standing around outside his house weekend before last as I was on my way to show my wife where Ms. Gergel lived. (Long story — Brian Boyer had stopped by my daughter’s house when we were visiting, which got us to talking about the District 3 race, which caused me to mention something about where the candidates lived, and my wife had trouble picturing it. Somehow, though, I made a wrong turn and we never saw it.) I didn’t make the connection, though, either not knowing or forgetting he was handling her campaign.

Bud, noticing that the left front fender and bumper of my pickup were about to fall off (a recent collision with a bigger truck I didn’t see coming in time), told me he had hit recently a deer with his truck in Andrews, doing all sorts of ugly damage.

I got my truck back from the body shop today. Maybe when the candidates in this race get done spending, Bud will be able to get his fixed, too.

5 thoughts on “Bud Ferillo’s quote of the day

  1. wallie

    The headline in today’s paper;
    Council Candidate spends $50,00 for TV Ad,” is misleading.
    $50,000 for one adat 5? No way.
    Perpahs $50,000 for a three week slate of commercials.
    But one ad on one station in this market does not cost $50,000.
    Later int eh story the rporter says the Boyer campaign had planned all along to run ads for three weeks, but that is not tied to the $50,000 we are led to believe was spend for one ad.
    You need to run a correction.

  2. Brad Warthen

    I’m not sure what you’re saying. You produce an ad and run it on TV, and it costs a certain amount to do so. Are you saying you thought it meant a single repetition, or something like that?

  3. wallie

    No, I’m not saying I thought it was for a single ad, I know better than that. What I am saying is that the headline and the story said it was for one ad. The story does go on in the latter part to say that the campaign had planned to be on TV for the final three weeks of the campaign but it does not say that the %40,000 was for that time frame. Thanks for your response.

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