Gee, thanks loads, Mark

This is just astounding:

BC-SC–McCain-Sanford Endorsement/88
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SC Gov. Sanford endorses McCain

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is endorsing John McCain.
    Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer says the governor said all along said he would support the Republican Party’s nominee.
    Sawyer says that Sanford thinks McCain will make a great president.
    Sanford had been a state co-chairman of McCain’s 2000 campaign in South Carolina. But this time around he kept his preferences to himself before and after the first-in-the-South primary on January 19.

Pretty much every other Southern governor with an R after his name (and if I’ve missed any, please point it out) endorsed McCain when it was at least theoretically possible for it to do some good. (And Charlie Crist did it when it made all the difference in the world.)

But Sanford does it after the fact — in a sorta, kinda, backhanded kind of way. You know, like, in case you were wondering, yeah, I’m on board with the nominee, whoever he is.

This is so Mark Sanford.

6 thoughts on “Gee, thanks loads, Mark

  1. Harry

    Sanford has had plenty on his mind.
    The House and Senate has found out that he has stashed 250 million dollars at Health and Human Services so he could starve other agencies and have a hell of a slush fund…
    So it is easy to see that maybe McCain is not on his brain. What he has to do now is sacrifice every principle he has to keep some of it. So watch and listen and you see him cave in a minute for something HE wants…it is only the taxpayer that he will screw over principles.

  2. Bill C.

    Wow!!! Shocking news coming from The State newspaper today… Sanford backs the lone Republican candidate and Brad Warthen bashes Sanford. How do you guys find such riveting topics to write about day after day? Pure genius, I hope your editorial staff is clearing a spot for that Pulitzer prize. (BTW – I’m being sarcastic)

  3. dave faust

    Why did Sanford even bother to do this?
    I swear I do not understand what value this non-endorsement endorsement adds to anyone or anything presently under consideration.
    If the governor did it to inspire and sway those conservative voters who may be sitting on the fence about McCain, could he not have been more laudatory…and even more importantly, could he not have timed it better?
    Sanford clearly thought this was worth doing because he did it, but its’ worth completely escapes me. All this sort of silliness does is more firmly convince me that our governor is a bit of a political ninny who really is NOT ready for prime time. David

  4. weldon VII

    I would suggest he did it the way he did because he felt he couldn’t not do it, but his heart wasn’t really in it. So he endorsed McCain by proxy, sort of, the way a genuine conservative might endorse a moderate when the other alternatives, from the other party, are liberal (Clinton) and more liberal (Obama).

  5. winstons girl

    I’m SO glad you posted this. I wondered why The State even printed it. What’s news about a Republican governor supporting the GOP’s nominee? Why did they even issue that news release? So dumb.

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