Who can resist a rebuttal of such deft sensibility?


o you, like Katon Dawson, believe last week’s editorial regarding our governor and the veep rumors was lacking in delicacy and tact?

Well, you’ll be gratified to know that I’ve had my comeuppance.

Just a few minutes ago, I opened a manila envelope addressed to me that contained what looked like a flattened sheet of bloody pulp. This, of course, is always the sign of a carefully considered observation regarding the offerings on our daily pages.

This one was unusual in that the expansive thoughts of the writer demanded use of the entire page, even though the item being addressed occupied only a small portion of it. To make sure I didn’t miss what the writer was referring to, two bold red Xes were placed tastefully on either side of the editorial’s headline, and that part of the page (and only that part of the page) was left free of red ink.

All was not as it appeared, however. Although it would seem to the untutored eye to be the work of a single hand and a singular mind, the reader is boldly assured that it expresses the views of


Just so you know. The message is, beyond that, unattributed, which unfortunately bars me from sending a "thank you" note.

Anyway, the writer(s) maintain(s) that Mr. Sanford would make a wonderful running mate for the GOP nominee, and that rather than running down such an idea, we should instead spend our ink criticizing "some of the bad hoodlum-type individuals," because after all, "there are many of them."

There’s also some stuff about the Real ID that I can’t fully make out (on account of it being written over a lot of type and all), but which seems based in an incomplete understanding of our position on the issue, as expressed in an editorial the day before the Sanford/veep piece.

But our message in the Sanford piece seems to have gotten across quite clearly. I can at least take satisfaction from that.

8 thoughts on “Who can resist a rebuttal of such deft sensibility?

  1. Karen McLeod

    Look at it this way, you can give it to your favorite pet bird as colorful new flooring for its cage.

  2. Yahoo.com

    The whackos at Club for Growth have evidently run out of pen and paper.
    The right wing has shown us for the last 16 years that he only thing that matters is talk. Talk about lowering taxes, or decreasing the size of government and you win them all.
    The good thing is you don’t have to accomplish anything!

  3. anonymous

    Watch the WTOC VIDEO and then watch the Island packet VIDEO. The part about Gerwing’s Attorney’s was cut-out of the middle of the Island Packet VIDEO, i.e. the part about who is or was Dennis Gerwing’s Attorneys, i.e. Criminal Defense Attorney Cory Fleming…hint!….hint!
    Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office – Hilton Head Island, SC
    UPDATE: BCSO News Conference on John and Elizabeth Calvert’s Disappearance
    Video: Watch today’s press conference with Sheriff Tanner

  4. weldon VII

    Brad, I want you to know that I examined the handwriting in the picture carefully, and I can therefore rule myself out. I didn’t think I remembered purchasing a red felt tip, and the handwriting confirms that.
    Besides, I can’t write anywhere near as neatly as the perpetrator. Had I written that note, you couldn’t read one word, a characteristic that means my communications with the home planet can be faxed without first being codified.
    Based on my experience with political deceit in this solar system and others, I’d look hard at Sanford opponents first. I estimate the likelihood of an anti-governor guy sending this primitive communication to make Sanford backers look incompetent at about 99.44 percent.
    Or it could be somebody trying to remind you of the black and white and re(a)d all over joke.
    If you find a sunburned zebra in your parking place tomorrow, then you’ll know. 🙂

  5. Doug Ross

    >If you find a sunburned zebra in your parking place tomorrow, then you’ll know. 🙂
    Or a skunk with diaper rash…

  6. Brad Warthen

    Or an embarrassed nun.
    Actually, I just wish everybody who wants to communicate a disagreement (or agreement) with what’s on the page would come here to the blog — or send e-mail, so that I can at least quickly respond ASKING them to come to the blog.
    Snail mail is sort of out of the flow, a communications dead end, with my extremely limited time… I can’t photograph and post EVERY letter I get…

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