Employees of restaurants and bars in Columbia have breathed other people’s poisons far too long.

Thanks to the evil and stupidity that dwells in the hearts of too many state lawmakers, restaurant workers have already become two years more likely to die of lung cancer, emphysema or heart disease.

There is NO excuse for exposing them for three more months.

Don’t even propose it, Mayor Bob. Don’t.


  1. Doug Ross

    Surely our elected officials (most of whom have been in office for many years) are acting on the best interests of the public?
    This is why we elect such civic minded people and why we don’t want to limit the time they spend in office — because understanding the complexities of something like the smoking ban takes several terms of on the job training.
    It’s all about the Benjamins, Brad…

  2. penultimo mcfarland

    I’d be willing to bet the smoking ban in bars never sees the light of Columbia’s silvery moon.

  3. Lee Muller

    Any law which has to have exceptions and exemptions is a bad law. The lawmakers have to keep it from destroying some people, but they don’t mind it crippling the rest of us.

  4. Phil

    Our elected officials should be banning smoking in all workplaces in the next few months. Delays and exemptions do nobody any good. Well maybe they make the good old tobacco companies happy. They’re the only ones that may lose business when people can’t smoke everywhere.

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