Grandmaster Bud of the Irmo High School Chess Club


s promised back here, bud has provided the above photo of himself from back when he was president of the Irmo High School Chess Club. The commentary that he sent with the photo:

That’s me in 1973.  Bobby Fischer was all the rage back then.  Note the wide-band watch and loong hair.

And just to bring you up-to-date, and help you get to know the long-anonymous bud a little better, below is a photo he sent me last month "of me at my daughter’s wedding:"


9 thoughts on “Grandmaster Bud of the Irmo High School Chess Club

  1. randy e

    She looks like her mother, eh?!
    Bud, that’s a great photo and congrats pappa.
    We’ll have to knock out a game at starbucks and talk politics. I play online now a days but a real board is much cleaner.

  2. Doug Ross

    Congrats, Bud!
    Maybe we could meet at Cracker Barrel and I could play that peg jumping game while you brainiacs play chess…

  3. Doug Ross

    Barr is not my candidate. He’s a phony Libertarian looking for some free publicity and access to the Libertarian Party funds.
    My candidate is Ron Paul until the Republican Convention is officially over. When McCain’s lobbyist eruptions and anger management issues come to a head, it’ll be smooth sailing for Ron. 🙂

  4. Randy E

    Geez, I forgot about RP. I was so focused on all of McCain’s lobbyists and extremist pastors who he finally disowned.

  5. penultimo mcfarland

    Nice pictures, bud. Makes me want to agree with you about something.
    If only you’d told me you were president of the Irmo High Chess Club, I’d have kept my mouth shut.

  6. bud

    penultimo, give Brad some time he has a way of bringing everyone together on an issue.
    The chess club was a collection of misfits that somehow created thier own clique. Sounds like an oximoron but misfit, clique is what we were. As far as I know everyone in the club turned out ok. A few even ended up as liberals.

  7. penultimo mcfarland

    Hey, bud, I was in a chess club once, sort of, at a newspaper where I worked, or while I was at a certain newspaper, I forget which.
    It was an informal group, but we actually played chess, and we didn’t take pictures.
    The only game I remember winning was against the executive editor.
    Moral: Never take the executive editor’s queen when he offers it to you accidentally.


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