Boy, don’t I feel morally superior!

Boy, did it make me feel good to get this message from a colleague urging all members of the newspaper’s senior staff to take part in our upcoming blood drive:

All: Please consider setting a good example and donating blood at The State’s drive next Wednesday, July 9, if you’re able. We have about a dozen time slots left to hit our target of 26 units. Clink on the link in the first item on the intranet to book an appointment that fits your schedule. Thanks…

I was able to respond that I gave already (although not at the office)! And it’s not just a line! It’s true!

Do I get a medal or anything, or do I just get to gloat?

7 thoughts on “Boy, don’t I feel morally superior!

  1. penultimo mcfarland

    Gosh, Mr. Warthen, I couldn’t imagine an Unparty guy like you feeling morally superior.
    Methinks you’ve stuck your tongue so far into your cheek that swallowing your pride will be difficult for a while.

  2. Greg Whisennant

    you’d be closer to “MORALLY SUPERIOR” if you’d report the news as opposed to ‘MAKING THE NEWS”!!!
    When are you guys going to stop spinning everything and simply “REPORT IT”?

  3. Lee Muller

    Yes, this blog does provide a window in the haughty mentality of Big Media. This is not the first media type with blog who has further exposed his disdain for the public, and what continues to amaze me is how resistant they are to public feedback. Instead of using it as a mirror for self-examination and improvement, they see their blogs as just more page space to shower their arrogant nonsense on the readers, to confront us with even more of their bigotry.

  4. just saying

    The only bigotry I ever see in this blog is from posters who continually utilize sterotypes of minorities (all the while expressing how they aren’t really racist, homophobic, or xenophobic) or bemoaning the loss of the true democrats from back when (back when separate bathrooms and dining counters were all the rage).
    As far as “public feedback”… Brad is far more in touch with the average person in America than you are Lee. (The country is split pretty much 50/50 liberal/democrat vs. conservative/republican at the voting booth… you are at an extreme of one of the two).
    Now, nonsense? Everyone has some nonsense to pick on. Facts that attack the nonsense instead of ranting are always welcome on any blog, aren’t they?

  5. Lee Muller

    The bigotry I see is guilty white libera racists who make excuses for criminal and uncouth behavior by non-whites, because they don’t expect any better of them.

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