The party’s over


e had a nice time in Memphis over the last few days — all of my kids and grandkids were there, as well as all of their relations on that side of the family. But the all-day drive back Monday, and the shock today of starting the process of putting out a week’s worth of pages in three days, has me feeling sort of like one of my twin granddaughters when we put them into the stroller at the end of the big-bash wedding reception Saturday night. Or rather, at the end of it for them — bigger people got to keep on dancing.

Specifically, I’m feeling like Baby A, on the right. Baby B took it all a bit more philosophically.

That’s life. Some people keep on dancing, but some of us have to strap in and get back to flying the airplane. Or sailing the ship. Or whatever — I’m not really up to metaphors today…


3 thoughts on “The party’s over

  1. bud

    Looks like you have a wonderful family Brad. What are the babies names?
    How much gasoline did you use on that trip? Given the likely huge future increases you may be lucky to do that again. Sadly, with a bit of planning we could have stretched our oil supplies out a bit longer so we could all enjoy visiting our families. But noooo. We had to have those huge SUVs. Such a pity.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Thanks, bud (and thanks for sharing your own picture from your daughter’s wedding earlier).

    I’m avoiding using the twins’ names until they’re old enough to tell me it’s OK. And maybe not even then. My older grandchild is in the lower dancing photo, but I’ll stop at that as far as ID is concerned. They can’t help it that Big Daddy (yes, that’s what they call me) is a blogger. But I can’t help running baby cute pictures now and then.

    As for the gas — it was pretty high especially since our 2000 Buick (which I’m still paying for; I bought it used) requires high-test gas. I managed to conveniently forget that a couple of times, but the unleaded was expensive enough. Fortunately, it gets good mileage, especially if you don’t go over the speed limit. I can drive two-thirds of the 600 miles without stopping for fuel.

    The nation’s infrastructure needs to catch up, though. I stopped at a Kangaroo Express in Birmingham for gas on the way there, and as usual used my debit card. It wouldn’t let me quite fill up, because the pump automatically stopped at $50. AND it wouldn’t give me a receipt. So I had to trek in to the store, get a receipt for the first part, pump the rest (only $5.36 more, fortunately), go back in for another receipt, and THEN go back for the men’s room. But that gave my son and granddaughter who were riding with me time to get some sandwiches from the attached Subway, so no loss. That is, no loss beyond the $55.36.

  3. Lee Muller

    Did you get a chance to read any of Barak Obama’s MEIN KAMPF while on vacation?
    We’re dying to hear you defend his hatred of America and his Marxist upbringing.

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