Up-close and personal Biden videos

aybe now that Obama has pulled Joe Biden back into the spotlight, some of you may want to look at some of the video clips of our editorial board interview with him back in October, when he was still trying against all odds to be at the top of the ticket.

If so, here they are:

Over the next few days, I’ll try to find time to mine the rest of my video to see if there was anything that didn’t seem interesting then that is more interesting now that he’s the running mate.

Oh, and I also have some older video of Joe. Here he is at the Galivants Ferry Stump Meeting (being introduced by Fritz Hollings), and here is some poor-quality phone video of him really getting worked up talking to the Columbia Rotary about immigration.

Oh, and in case you want to see video of the other guy on the Democratic ticket, here’s a post I did with a bunch of clips from our January interview with Obama.

17 thoughts on “Up-close and personal Biden videos

  1. Mike Cakora

    Choosing the loquacious senior senator from Delaware may not have helped Obama much.
    I’ve an intense personal dislike for Biden, as I do for Huckabee, but the latter’s another matter right now. Fortunately the role of the US Senate is such that even having a handful of peculiar folks doesn’t put the nation at too much risk most of the time. To put a guy whose instincts are wrong and whose mouth is faster than his brain in an executive role is a really big mistake.
    Here’s Biden’s eulogy to Strom.
    Biden is extraordinarily insecure, and that’s not healthy for an executive.

  2. Guero

    Speaking of Strom, we’ve got another one in John McSame. I see Mike would prefer a mentally fragile senior citizen who can’t be trusted out in public unscripted. He’s reduced to RNC slogans and nothing more.
    You can check it out, Mike,on-line. Tell us about the increasing decrepitude of your hero.

  3. Lee Muller

    McCain is Democrat running as a Republican.
    McCain is patriotic and puts America first.
    Obama is a socialist running as a Democrat.
    Obama hates Americanism.

  4. Jay

    Mike, you followed up your criticism of Biden with a link to his eulogy for Strom. Is there something we’re supposed to infer from that?

  5. Mike Cakora

    Guero – Pithy! Try to work in “spittle” or “drool” and I think you’ll cement your position as the master of repartee.
    How you inferred from what I’ve written that the Señor senator from Arizona is my ideal pick is beyond me. However he does do better without a teleprompter than his opponent does; the Saddleback show reinforced that.
    Today a right-wing hate-monger writes about his fifteen minutes of fame as it relates to Biden’s plagiarism during his 1988 run for the presidency. It involves RFK and MoDo to boot.

  6. Mike Cakora

    Jay — You should infer simply that I was trying to answer Mikell Harper’s request (see first comment above) for video of Biden’s eulogy for Guero’s hero. I could find no video, so I posted what appears to be the text as delivered.
    I’d forgotten all about it and found it interesting and wondered who Biden stole it from. (Only kidding.)

  7. bud

    I enjoyed watching the presentation of Joe Biden as Obama’s VP pick on Saturday. The dems have so much ammunition in their campaign arsenal this should be like shooting fish in a barrel. The sinking economy, McCain’s ridiculous out-of-touch comments about his wealth, the 100 years war comment, the 95% agreement with Bush on issues and of course the ever beloved Phil Gramm.
    Yikes this is sooo easy. Biden is a good man, able, experienced and ready to lead. His credentials as a man for the people is unimpeachable. He’s not Hillary of course and that fact seems to be driving the sinking poll numbers. Hopefully the Hillary folks will get over it and see what a disaster John McCain will be for the country. With any luck McCain will do something really stupid like picking an even richer, more out of touch man for VP. Can you say Mitt Romney?

  8. bud

    However he does do better without a teleprompter than his opponent does; the Saddleback show reinforced that.
    Only one problem, he had the questions in advance. No cone of silence there.

  9. Guero

    McSame mouthed slogans at Saddleback and most probably had advance notice of the questions since he most certainly wasn’t in any “zone of silence” as Pastor Rick wanted us to believe.
    You can ignore it all you want but the evidence is there. McSame can’t remember sh*t and he’s totally out of touch.
    Why don’t you tell us how many houses you have Mr. Mike?

  10. bud

    Biden, as Obama, grew up in a pretty harsh environment and ended up making something for himself. McCain, of course, was the son and grandson of admirals and married into extreme wealth. The GOP is hopelessly out of touch with the common man and their tax proposals show it. Given the double-recession Bush years it’s hard to see how anybody can defend this bunch. Heck, even John McCain was oppossed to the Bush tax cuts, before he was for them. So does that make McCain a panderer or a flip-flopper? You decide.

  11. Mike Cakora

    Sheesh! We now need a financial disclosure form to comment here? Please clarify the rules: do I count time-shares and real-estate investments? Partnerships and trusts? Tour buses and other RVs? My mind is boggled, as must be McCan’s whose attempt to get an accurate answer — which, as it turns out is “none” — is cast as senility. But that’s politics.
    Preferences need not prevent an honest assessment of the candidates’ oratorical skills: Obama’s delivery is superb when he’s got a teleprompter, McCain’s stinks with that device, but he’s always done pretty well in town-hall meetings, press conferences, and the like, venues where Obama does not do well or as well.

  12. bud

    We can debate ad-nasueum who does a better job at public speaking. To me Obama is hands down one of the best speakers in recent memory. But no matter. McCain can, at times, deliver some good lines. The difference in speaking qualities is certainly not a decisive factor for me.
    What is so disturbing about McCain is his almost total embrace of the failed Bush policies. He seems almost giddy in his new found support of tax cuts for the wealthy. Those tax cuts have created a staggering deficit which has in turn helped propel us into a housing crises. Given the huge loss of manufacturing jobs it simply boggles the mind that working class voters could be fooled, yet again, into voting against their interests.
    And of course we have foreign policy. McCain has no concept of how to deal with any foreign crises other than to threaten war. Geez, I guess if you only have one club in your bag that’s the one you have to play. Since McCain grew up with Admirals that mindset has pretty well become a singular fix for every foreign problem. Sadly, the world would suffer for that tunnel vision approach to foreign policy.
    With Biden on board with Obama the nation should be able to feel secure knowing that an Obama administration will carefully consider all options before jumping into the fire with guns ablazing. He will, of course, use force if the circumstances call for it. But, unlike McCain, Obama will seek peaceful solutions first. McCain is flat out scary in his bellicosity.

  13. Biden hater

    The videos are unimportant. In the end, they are about Joe Biden. Who cares? Really…who frickin cares? I am beginning to wonder how Obama has a chance this fall, I mean apart from the fact that McCain is an idiot who will probably do his best to lose. Seems to me Obama was damn near unelectable BEFORE Biden.

  14. Lee Muller

    Biden might lie about his early days, too, but unlike Obama, he is an American citizen, and he was not raised in a Muslim Wahabe school, and surrounded by communist parents and their communist friends.

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