Getting cheesed off at McCain

OK, I’m already past the point at which I’m normally supposed to have a column for Sunday. Trouble is, so much of what’s happened this week points to the debate tonight as a sort of nexus, a climax of the week’s news, what with the presidential election and the Wall Street bailout conflating.

So I had decided that the thing to do was to watch the debate tonight, and write a column tomorrow for Sunday — which means bringing in another editorial board member to read behind me (I can sub it out on the page myself, but I don’t put anything into the paper without an editor), but it seems the best plan, especially since none of the syndicated stuff moving today will reflect what happens in the debate.

IF there is a debate. And that’s the rub. Not knowing, I’ve got to construct an entire other column from whole cloth, just to hold the space — and to fill it if there is no debate. And I’m not happy with any of my ideas, but I’ve got to go ahead and write SOMETHING at hyperspeed.

So nice going there, John.

2 thoughts on “Getting cheesed off at McCain

  1. Doug Ross

    Kathleen Parker, a columnist for very conservative National Review, is now calling for Palin to step aside as the VP nominee based on her truly awful performances in interviews with Charlie Gibson, Sean Hannity, and Katy Couric.
    This is what happens when your reach exceeds your grasp… and when a “maverick” makes decisions. Do we really want an old guy with a quick kneejerk reaction to everything running the country for the next four years?

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