Huck WOULD like Sarah, wouldn’t he?

Just got this in a release from Mike Huckabee (Yes, he’s still sending out e-mails, raising money for his "Huck PAC."):

I hope that you had a chance to watch the Vice-Presidential Debate tonight and that it reaffirmed all of our beliefs that Sarah Palin is the knock-out punch the McCain-Palin ticket needs to win in November.  Governor Palin is a bright, articulate, talented woman.  She has what I consider to be the most important experience – she is  a Governor and the only one in this race that has actually ever signed the front of a paycheck….

Huckabee would like Sarah Palin, wouldn’t he? Aside from the governor thing, she’s the one person still out there with his populist, common touch.

Of course, Huckabee was a much, much better speaker — probably the most articulate candidate we saw in the past year, with the possible exception of Obama. Obama doesn’t talk to Joe Sixpack quite the same way that came naturally to Huckabee, although he has his own distinctive sort of populist appeal. It was no accident that both of them won Iowa, riding much the same wave.

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  1. Ralph Hightower

    And why not, Huckabee is yet another governor (former in his case) with an accountability problem:
    Drives Destroyed as Governor Exits
    Arkansas IT unit helped Huckabee expunge data

    February 12, 2007 (Computerworld) — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a potential candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, ordered the destruction of hard drives from nearly 90 computers before leaving office last month — a controversial move in which his office was assisted by the state’s IT department.
    Drives that had been used in 83 PCs and four servers were destroyed, according to Claire Bailey, director of the Arkansas Department of Information Systems. In an interview, she said that the DIS backed up data from the servers but not from the PCs and then gave the backup tapes to Huckabee’s former chief of staff.
    Bailey said a DIS staffer worked with representatives from Huckabee’s office “to determine the mechanism for [his] transition out of office” from an IT perspective. She added that she believes Huckabee’s representatives were provided with options for handling sensitive data stored on the state’s systems as part of that process.
    Information in a PowerPoint presentation posted on the attorney general’s Web site says that tampering with public rec­ords is a Class D felony, which in Arkansas is punishable by up to six years in prison. The problem, Johnson said, is determining whether the documents that were removed from the drives qualify as public records.

    The entire article from Computerworld was not posted. Click on the link to read the article.

  2. Robert

    Of course Huckabee is still raising money. Ric Flair and Chuck Norris won’t let him stop and who do you think will win that fight?

  3. Lee Muller

    Mr. Hightower,
    Do you have any valid REASON to suspect that Governor Huckabee destroyed information which was not his to destroy?
    How concerned were you with Bill and Hillary Clinton destroying records, like the contents of Vince Foster’s office after his apparent murder?

  4. Mike Cakora

    I’ve never understood the fascination with the Huckster. While he may be a good speaker, I’ve not seen much in his record that he’s a rational / logical guy. While he’s got a record of taking on racism and certain other irrational beliefs, he seems driven more by emotion that by reason and is therefore unpredictable and unreliable.
    There’s nothing wrong with appealing to the heart, to emotion. But that has to be balanced with logic based on fact, not fancy or blind belief. His involvement in the DuMond case is explicable only if he denied or disregarded evidence in favor of DuMond’s assertions. Hey, folks lie and it’s difficult to catch them in their lies if one disregards or ignores facts; Huckabee seems to have done so.
    I’m not one who generally criticizes religion, but the Huckster’s belief in Biblical inerrancy is a repudiation of the Enlightenment, reason, science, and all that silly stuff that represents the best of human accomplishment, the rationality that separates humans from other species.
    Individuals who ignore facts, weighing emotion or beliefs as more important than facts, are by virtue of that incapable of leading responsibly.

  5. Ralph Hightower

    Those computers that Mike Huckabee destroyed were not his computers to destroy. Those computers were owned by the State of Arkansas. Huckabee, although an executive officer of Arkansas, was still an employee of the state.
    I view any destruction of government records or property as wrong, whether it is Democrats or Republicans.
    Huckabee’s reason for destroying the drives does not hold water for me:

    Huckabee said that he was only trying to protect the privacy of data stored on the drives. “This is not about destroying state property, this is about honoring our obligation to protect the privacy of the thousands of people who had personal data on those hard drives,” Huckabee said in an email sent to Computerworld.

  6. Ralph Hightower

    I would appreciate it if Mr. Muller provide would references to the sources of his information so that I can investigate the information myself. Otherwise, I dismiss Mr. Muller’s postings as that of an incoherent madman.
    Since I do not know Lee Muller, I do not consider him to be a credible source of information.
    It is part of my nature to gather information from various sources, “read between the lines”, and to be sceptical and analytical.

  7. penultimo mcfarland

    Wtf, you’ve put your finger on something truly important.
    W.’s shredding is bound to break us, should he be elected to a third term.
    Of course, that would require a constitutional amendment, or mass hypnosis by alien invaders.
    Could Republicans be from Mars, and Democrats from Venus, hence red states and blue states?
    Does Bush plug himself into a shape-shift stabilizer every night to ensure seamless maintenance of his quasi-human form?
    Is Barack Obama a native or naturalized inhabitant of this planet?
    What solar system is Al Gore from?
    Or, to ask a question that actually means something, will Barney Frank own up to doing a terrible job of oversight in his chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee and step down, or will he, like Nancy Pelosi, blame Republicans for the credit mess Democrats running the House have let happen to us?
    And, oh, by the way, the Bush administration’s 200 percent cuts in purchases of measuring tools and woodworking machinery since 2000 have more than offset the increased cost of shredding.

  8. Randy E

    Individuals who ignore facts, weighing emotion or beliefs as more important than facts, are by virtue of that incapable of leading responsibly. – Cak
    I am happy to see your implicit conclusion that Palin is ill prepared, regardless of her winks and “aw shucks” scripted performances.
    Funny how Brad offers up threads galore on Palin’s “gams” but not a peep on McCain’s partisan tactics that reveal how far he has devolved. Brad, as an UnParty proponent, how long will you ignore the wave of negative partisan attacks that McSame is cranking up this week?

  9. Lynn

    If I never hear about Joe Sixpack again it will be much too soon. If I never again see a blatantly unqualified candidate for high office refuse to answer the questions that were asked and wink repeatedly at the audience, that also will be too soon. We are a nation with massive power to do good or evil, and we should be taking this election more seriously than the question session at the Miss America contest.

  10. David

    So what has Obama done that qualifies him for President? Palin actually has a record of reforming government, Obama just has a record for being present. I wonder if Barak will just vote “present” when he get’s the 3AM phone if he becomes president.
    As far the orginal post from Brad. I would argue that Huckabee is much more articulate and well spoken than Obama. Next time you see Obama is speaking without a teleprompter just count the verbal pauses and “uhs…”

  11. Randy E

    David, by “record of reform” do you mean her support of the “bridge to nowhere” and how she accepted the money that was EARMARKED for that bridege after public opinion forced the project to be curtailed?
    Or do you mean her successful effort at getting a housing regulation exception so she could sell her house despite a violation she was to correct but never did?
    Perhaps you are referring to her work as chairwoman for the 527 that was used to support the crook Stevens?
    A good example might be her Rove-like attempts to undermine justice by ignoring a judicially upheld subpoena.
    And let me guess, billing the state to stay at your own house is the epitome of reform.
    Which of these is the example of reform that convinced you? Or did she say it enough times that you simply take her at her word?

  12. george32

    apparent murder? how many movre investigations do you need? do you think more records were “destroyed” than in the case of the missing emails from the white house? by the way, mayors, governors, navy lobbyists, senators and presidents do not sign paychecks. heiress trophy wives might if daddy left them that authority.

  13. Fred Olafson

    Unfortunately, Mr. Obama does not talk to people, he talks at them, much as most of my boring professors.

  14. Linda

    For those immature people on here repeating the same tiring negatives (the same one or two) they dug up for the primaries, give it up already!! Huckabee is NOT running for anything at the moment!! Now, I KNOW you realize that he is a HUGE threat to the democrats in 4 yrs. but save it for then. Huckabee is the ONLY candidate who has a PROVEN record in an executive position where he had MANY accomplishments, was voted one of the top 5 governors in the US, got re-elected twice and had approval ratings as high as 77% while in office. For the person who posted that he made decisions based on emotion, please name an example. He makes more SENSE than any of these candidates and was the ONLY republican talking about problems with the economy early in the primaries (except Paul). He was gutsy enough to endorse the Fair Tax, the single-most thing to fix the economy and the tax plan that is taking on a life of it’s own thanks primarily to Huckabee. Palin shares Huckabee’s conservative credentials but, in my opinion the similarities stop there. There is NO ONE who can hold a candle to him. I only hope he doesn’t become too use to the easier life of tv (hit show on Fox 8pm Sunday nights) where fame doesn’t cost you the insults and backstabbing that running for political office does.

  15. Lee Muller

    Ralph Hightower, you forgot to name the information need need sources for. You seem to be totally unfamiliar with a great deal of history and major news items, so please be specific about you needs for remedial instruction.
    I did not call the death of Vince Foster an “apparent murder”. Law enforcement and EMS at the scene did. Hillary Clinton took papers from Foster’s office and removed his briefcase and cleaned it out, even before the police arrived there. That is why the Chief White House Counsel resigned, because he could not work for such people who were tampering with evidence.

  16. Ralph Hightower

    We have the bradblog: drinking game where anytime Lee Muller mentions “muslim”, “terrorist”, or “socialist”, the readers of Brad’s blog take a drink.
    Now there is the Palin Bingo Game. Anytime Sarah mentions one of her buzzwords, and you have that buzzword on your square, you get to play that square. It works just the same as regular bingo.
    Sample buzzwords:

    • Maverick
    • Hockey Mom
    • Glass Ceiling
    • Pit Bull
    • Gee
    • Good ol’ Boys
    • Gotcha Journalism
    • Small Town
    • Heartbeat Away
  17. Ralph Hightower

    Please provide your source of information for

    … Bill and Hillary Clinton destroying records, like the contents of Vince Foster’s office after his apparent murder

    A Google search of “Vince Foster” returned about 488,000 records. I read one WSJ article but I didn’t find any destruction of records.
    The above is just one sample. Other postings that I would like to know your source of information that 1) Obama is a “muslim”, 2) Democratic ties to FNMA and FHLMC, and your litany of transgressions and grievances committed by Democrats.
    I am not going to be your Fact Checker. I have more important things to do in my life than to research your innuendos and rumors.

  18. Lee Muller

    How could you have missed that news, Ralph?
    Were you working for the Peace Corps?
    That’s unbelievable!
    Hillary’s fingerprints on Foster’s records
    April 30, 1996)
    [Page: H4166]
    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a previous order of the House, the
    gentleman from Indiana [Mr. Burton] is recognized for 5 minutes.
    [Page: H4167]
    Mr. BURTON of Indiana. Mr. Speaker, Newsweek magazine reported this week
    that the FBI had discovered Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s fingerprints
    on billing records from the Rose law firm discovered at the White House
    in January. These billing records have been under subpoena and could not
    be found for over 2 years. Nobody knew where they were. And yet, just
    recently, they were found in President Clinton and Mrs. Clinton’s
    personal residence at the White House by Mrs. Clinton’s secretary.
    Independent counsel Kenneth Starr is investigating to determine if
    anyone obstructed justice by hiding the subpoenaed records. The billing
    records supply important information about Mrs. Clinton’s work for
    Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan and the Castle Grande real estate
    projects. Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, who at the time this was
    taking place was the Lieutenant Governor under President Clinton, is on
    trial right now in Arkansas for fraud because hedefaulted on loans over
    $1 million related to Castle Grande.

  19. Ralph Hightower

    Ya know, when Lee Muller is not foaming around the mouth about the Democrats transgressions against him, sometimes he makes sense.
    However, I didn’t want to puff up Mr. Muller’s ego anymore that he thinks it is.
    Lee Muller does not know that he has been bitten by a rabid Republican and does not realize that he has to go to his doctor for the series of painful rabies shots to prevent the prevention of rabies.
    Since Mr. Muller has been foaming incoherent rants against just the Democrats for many weeks, I suspect that Lee is a “goner”.
    It’s time to put Lee down and end its suffering.

  20. Anonymous

    I think you and Lee are the same ‘person.’ And that’s perfectly OK! Multiples have every inalienable right to express ‘yourselves’ as the rest of ‘us’ have!

  21. Phillip

    Brad, I strongly encourage you and all your readers here to watch some of this extended clip from a 2006 debate in the Alaska gubernatorial race. You have to scroll in about 2 minutes to start hearing her, and again around the 5 minute mark and sporadically thereafter, but there are also other clips from the debate on YouTube.
    Yes, she sounds very clear and intelligent. Notice something else? How many “doggone”s or “heckuva”s do you hear? Even her accent is different.
    Say it ain’t so, Sarah “Lonesome Rhodes” Palin! You wanna talk “Huck,” Brad, how about “huckster”? What a fraud this woman is.
    Authentic, my a–.

  22. Mike Cakora

    At the time I was puzzled by the conflicting testimony over the disposition of records from Vince Foster’s office. Here’s a reference from the New York Times:

    Testifying under oath before the special Senate committee investigating Whitewater, the officer, Henry P. O’Neill, said that on July 20, 1993, several hours after Mr. Foster’s body was found in a Virginia park, he saw Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff, Margaret A. Williams, carrying two handfuls of folders from Mr. Foster’s office.
    Miss Williams, who testified that she had gone to the White House that night after being called twice by the First Lady, said she had been drawn to a light in office of Mr. Foster, the deputy White House counsel, in the irrational hope that she would find her colleague still alive there.
    She said that she had gone inside and wept as another aide looked for a suicide note, but that she did not remove any material from Mr. Foster’s office that evening and had never been instructed to remove any files. To support her position, she produced the results of a lie-detector test she said she passed last year in response to questions by Whitewater prosecutors about what she had done.

    So just a “he said / she said” thingy, but then it took a bizarre twist several months later.

    Armed with newly available telephone records, Republicans on the Senate Whitewater committee asserted that the two advisers, Margaret A. Williams and Susan P. Thomases, had misled the committee in their testimony last summer and said that Mrs. Clinton had been behind the decision to restrict Justice Department investigators from looking at Mr. Foster’s files two days after his death.
    Justice Department officials have testified that the White House counsel, Bernard W. Nussbaum, agreed on July 21, 1993, the day after Mr. Foster’s death, to let investigators study his files, but he reneged the next day after consulting with other White House officials. Mr. Nussbaum has denied making such an agreement with the department and has asserted that he decided on his own to prevent the investigators from searching Mr. Foster’s files for clues about why he killed himself.
    Among the evidence that suggests Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in the decision to keep the investigators at bay is the deposition of Stephen R. Neuwirth, an associate White House counsel. He told the committee that he had heard that Ms. Thomases and Mrs. Clinton “may have been concerned about anyone having unfettered access to Mr. Foster’s office.”
    Today, Miss Williams was unable to explain several calls that the new records show her making. She offered conflicting testimony about whether she spent the entire morning of July 22, shortly before Mr. Foster’s office was searched, at her home or at the White House.

    There’s of course a lot more for folks who want to meander, but it will just make you crazy, whatever your beliefs and opinions.
    I don’t see how what happened to Foster’s files has anything to do with what the Huckster did, but I don’t see how Palin’s shoes, legs, or wearing / not wearing stockings at the debate has as much to do with her impact as her six winks do or Biden’s relief that the French threw Hezbollah out of Lebanon, something I missed but do celebrate.
    And, alas, Phillip has discovered the truth: Palin is indeed a polished, well educated person whose cover story of taking six years to get her degree was a distraction to hide her advanced studies and Ph.D. in Middle Eastern Studies; she’s fluent in French, Syrian Arabic, Farsi, and Braille.
    So it’s fraud to tailor one’s mannerisms to one’s audience and purpose? Heck, that’s what politicians do and the game this election is to represent the common folks, the middle class. Arguably Biden did that a bit better, with his collective utterances at the debate a grade-level or two below Palin’s.

  23. Lee Muller

    If Ralph Hightower really wanted to find the news he somehow missed, he could use the dates in my post to look up the entire testimony from the Congressional Record, and go look at the Newsweek issue the week before, which talks about Hillary stealing papers from Vince Foster’s office.
    Much later, Foster’s missing briefcase appears on a table, in a hall outside Hillary Clinton’s office, almost empty. I never saw a lawyer carry an empty briefcase.
    Remember that Hillary punished Foster’s secretary, Linda Tripp, by trying to fire her for telling the police (as did another secretary) that Vince Foster left the office very happy, because he was on his way to pick up airline tickets home to Little Rock.
    That doesn’t sound like someone who was going to kill himself, does it?

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