Everything’s up to date in Pelosi city

Obama finally has his genuine, official presidential seal to speak from behind, but when I saw what Nancy Pelosi did yesterday, the president's trappings looked oh so last century.

Nancy's hep. She's with it. She's on the information superhighway. She's a Cyberspeaker.

Kidding aside, it's smart. You might only get a few seconds on the evening news, but it you can get somebody to go to your Web site, you can unload a truckload of your worldview on 'em. Which she does.

The presidential seal, like a royal coat of arms, communicates traditional authority. A URL communicates information, all you want…

16 thoughts on “Everything’s up to date in Pelosi city

  1. Capital A

    Why do I get the feeling this was the idea of one of her five spawn?
    Oh, you Baby Boomers, and your odd need to be seen as hep cats by us in the other two generations!
    “Look, kids, I’m working the emailer!”

  2. Doug Ross

    You should look for the video of her explaining how spending X million dollars on preventing STD’s in the bailout bill is going to stimulate the economy.
    I’m not sure whether people like Pelosi, Reid, Rangel, Frank, etc. are just completely ignorant or completely corrupt. It’s probably a mix of both.

  3. Capital A

    Doug, I have always gotten the well-meaning but clueless soccer-mom vibe from her public appearances. I know that I will never forgive her and many of those others you mentioned for their slimy, self-preservational support for Bushbaby’s call to war. Those images of them standing, smiling beside the Southern Yankee as he rolled the Constiution into toilet paper still make me want to vomit to this day. Their collective excuse: in a time of war, we should support our Commander-in-Chief.
    If I had enough research at the time to know what a farce and a cluster(bomb) those actions represented, then surely they could have, too. And for those who are considering urging me to “let it go”, I will not. As soon as we let ourselves forget, that old evil rises again in a slightly variant form.
    “From the folks who brought you the Vietnam War, we bring you Mission Accomplished and the Next Great Depression!”
    And people wonder why I never give sequels a chance…

  4. Lee Muller

    Pelosi and 98% of the Democrats voted for war on Iraq in 1998.
    President Bush was operating under that authorization when he took over the office from Bill Clinton on Jan 20, 2001.
    Democrats insisted on voting again to reauthorize war with Iraq after Sept 11, 2001. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry stated they were not relying on what President Bush told them, but their “own sources”, including Bill Clinton and his former staffers, including Leon Panetta and Rahm Emmanuel.

  5. Lee Muller

    This is about as irrelevant as Sarah Palin’s borrowed wardrobe. It is lazy diversion journalism.
    Your newspaper doesn’t even publish the contents of our state bills. You might print a shallow article after the vote is a done deal.
    The State didn’t bother to publish any of the details of this $825,000,000,000 Pelosi Pork spending bill.
    We have to get the details on the Internet, from the Congressional Budget Office, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, and maybe a real paper like the Wall Street Journal.
    That’s why newspapers like yours are irrelevant – you don’t show up for work.

  6. Brad Warthen

    Hey, I kinda liked Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. Tina Fey’s, too.

    On Sunday, we can talk substantively about Pelosi’s role in ramming through a partisan deal on the bailout — running off the Republicans while letting the Dems have any danged thing they wanted.

    But before we do, I want y’all to see David Broder’s column about that, which is embargoed for Sunday (or else I’d show it to you now).

    Yes, that was a sneaky plug for our Sunday page. Thanks for the setup, Lee.

  7. Capital A

    Lee, go pick up an issue of The Charlotte Observer, then read one of The State.
    We defintiely have a one up on the Tarheels.

  8. Lee Muller

    The Charlotte Disturber is really in bed with the developers who run the C-Meck. All they do is backfill and cover up. When a Charlotte Chamber employee ratted on them with a fistful of faxes and e-mails between the Chamber, the editors and UNC-Charlotte professors on how to cook up phony studies to support the bankrupt light rail cost overruns, the editors ever apologized, never mentioned being caught.
    If you want any news, you have to listen to WBT 99.3 FM / 1110 AM. They do all the legwork, interview the good, bad and ugly (Jim Clyburn), and do the commentary.

  9. slugger

    How is it possible that we elect representatives that sit in the US House and Senate and vote for approval of appointee’s to hold offices in the Obama administration when at the same time we are being told that they broke federal laws (not paying income taxes etc). But that they really did not intend to make that mistake and it was simply a oversight?
    Do we have crooks everywhere? Do we have politicians that we elect to be honest, accountable and look out for the interest of our people and our nation? The average citizen has to do the time if they commit a crime but not the chosen few. They get appointed to office that will make the rules and regulaltions for us to go by,
    If this nations upsidedown or what?

  10. p.m.

    Geithner, a treasury secretary who pays his taxes only when his confirmation requires it.
    Daschle, whose back-tax bill dwarfed Geithner’s, up to the same tricks.
    Behold the treasure trove of Democrat morality!
    What next? Cabinet posts for Bill Ayers and Charles Manson?

  11. Lee Muller

    Now Tom Daschle turns out to have about $400,000 in unreported cash income, free limosine and driver, etc. So he pays up $134,000, less than 10% interest, and no fines.
    Meanwhile, Joe the Plumber is jerked around and called unfit to have an opinion because he owed $1,000, which was in dispute.

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