Tessio?!?! I thought Michael had you whacked…

Don't know about you, but I was really surprised to see on today's business page that Abe Vigoda is still active and
working. In a story about Super Bowl commercials, there was this bullet item:

  • Barney Miller” co-star Abe Vigoda lends his voice to an H&R Block ad for income tax services, playing Death.

OK, so he's portraying Death, which is not the most upbeat of gigs, but hey, he's still around. That's really saying something, when you consider that his shtick on Barney Miller was playing the really, really old guy who was falling apart with various ailments. And that was the 70s.

He'll be 88 next month.

So I guess Tom Hagen did let him off the hook for old times' sake. Good for you, Sal.

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