That settles it: Miss SC says Sanford should stay

I posted this on Twitter this morning, but I didn’t want y’all to be left out of the loop. The Spartanburg paper reports that the newly-crowned Miss South Carolina says our governor should stay, even though she was “a little shocked” by his recent confessions:

Newly crowned Miss South Carolina Kelly Sloan said in an interview Sunday that the embattled governor of the state she’s now the public face of should be allowed to finish his second and final term…

“People make mistakes,” Sloan said. “I was a little shocked, to tell you the truth. But as a governor, he’s done his job. I do not think he should resign. He’s asked for forgiveness, and I think forgiveness is something we should all have for one another.”

One wonders what she means by “He’s done his job,” but hey, who’s quibbling? Could I win a beauty contest? I don’t think so. Then I should ne’er presume to second-guess her. As Theodoric of York would say, “Who’s the barber here?”

No word yet on what Her Majesty thinks about the abdication of former beauty queen Sarah Palin, or the all-important, burning issue of Michael Jackson still being dead.

Speaking of which, did you see that TV networks plan to anchor the news from his memorial service? In a world in which priorities are that far out of whack, I suppose it’s not out of line at all to ask a beauty queen about who should govern us…

14 thoughts on “That settles it: Miss SC says Sanford should stay

  1. Brad Warthen

    Perhaps we should amend the state constitution to provide that, if the governor resigns, the reigning Miss SC asks the lt. gov. to form a new government…

  2. SGMret

    Gee, Brad, just about everyone else has voiced an opinion on this. Don’cha think yer maybe bein’ a bit too hard on the young lady?

    Regards to the King of Pop’s memorial service: I’m just glad he’s not going to be lying in state in the Capital Rotunda like some Tomb of Lenin want-a-be. Maybe I’m just a cynic, but I suspect that option was discussed in some circles.

    Besides, the Mainstream Media is just another instrument of entertainment keeping the people’s attention between commercial breaks. I see nothing ironic or surprising about the anchors taking a little trip to “Haarri-woood.” In fact, it’s kinda fitting now that I think about it.

    As to amending the State Constitution to allow the reigning Miss SC to ask the Lt. Gov. to form a new state government: Why that’s no more irrational than letting Glenn McConnell decide.

  3. jstevens

    “Perhaps we should amend the state constitution to provide that, if the governor resigns, the reigning Miss SC asks the lt. gov. to form a new government…”

    Doing so would involve the casting of the bones and bloodletting Sanford to check his four humours. If both are good, we can then amend the state constitution.

  4. martin

    This is an excellent example of why we have the government we have in SC.
    Lack of knowledge about the candidate means nothing when beauty queens, or just about everybody else, decide for whom to cast that vote.
    We do not stand a chance.

  5. Brad Warthen

    By the way, while we’re talking important stuff here — I think that Theodoric of York quote I wedged into this post may be THE funniest line ever on SNL. It just says so much about human vanity and foolishness, which of course are among the main wellsprings of humor. And only Steve Martin could have delivered it with the right air of ill-founded condescension and superciliousness. Or superciliosity. Or whatever.

  6. Burl Burlingame

    It’s fascinating that the Spartanburg HJ went to Miss South Carolina in the first place to weigh in on matters of governmental import.
    On the other hand, how many of your politicians would win the swimsuit competition?

  7. Steve Gordy

    Take it easy on the girl. I don’t see any reason to ridicule her, with so many juicy targets in range.

  8. Brad Warthen

    You’re right, Steve. God bless her; she was just being sweet. We could all learn something from someone whose instinct is to forgive…

  9. kbfenner

    Brad, I’d vote for you as Mr. Middle Aged South Carolina–Who’s your competition? Leon “Vista Queen” Lott forfeits the chance b/c you can only run in one gender’s contest per lifetime in SC. Who else? Jakie? Gov. Skin Cancer?

  10. Burl Burlingame

    I know a couple of beauty queens who are among the brightest people I know, but few believe it because they’re, well, beauty queens.
    And “beauty queen” carries a different cachet in the south.

  11. mmorris

    Goodness! Everybody forgot about “Clinton”, guess if you stay in the Whitehouse your sins are o.k., right? The new Queen may be saying “Let the one without sin cast the first stone”. Sounds like she’s the one on the right track!

  12. Santee

    Miss South Carolina’s statement doesn’t seem any worse than Lindsay Graham and Tom Davis saying that Sanford shouldn’t resign because Jenny Sanford says they can work things out. What does that have to do with it? Shouldn’t the question be something about the best interests of all of the people of South Carolina?

  13. Lee Muller

    Brad believes that “everyone knows” beauty queens are uneducated dummies. In his liberal world, it is okay to make sexist, stereotypical jokes about them, especially if they advocate moderation, thoughtfulness and relevancy to the lynch mob Brad is trying to stir up.

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