Most of House GOP agrees with Harrell: Sanford should quit

Where the leaders go, the others follow. And now a large majority of House Republicans have joined Bobby Harrell in calling on the governor to quit, according to The State‘s John O’Connor:

At least 60 of 73 S.C. House Republicans have signed a letter asking Gov. Mark Sanford to resign.

The letter follows Tuesday’s call by House Speaker Bobby Harrell, R-Charleston, for the Republican governor to resign. In June, a majority of Senate Republicans signed a similar letter. Sanford has said he will not resign.

At a meeting last month in Myrtle Beach, no House GOP member spoke in Sanford’s defense. Republicans control the House.

“The direction of the caucus leaving that meeting was unmistakable,” Deputy Majority Leader Bruce Bannister, R-Greenville, said in a written statement. “Governor you have lost the support of legislators who have supported you through thick and thin.”

The letter says Sanford’s woes are a distraction that prevent other work from getting done.

This is not terribly surprising, given that not one Republican spoke up for the governor at the recent caucus meeting. Of course, the governor won’t listen to these folks, either. He doesn’t listen to anybody, but does what he wants.

Interesting that the Republicans who call on the gov to quit keep talking about his melodrama being “a distraction.” To a narcissist, being the cynosure of all eyes is a good thing. So it is that the governor’s interests fail to connect with those of other Republicans in the state.

7 thoughts on “Most of House GOP agrees with Harrell: Sanford should quit

  1. Greg Flowers

    Ok, his was duly elected for a four year term. If his biggest crime is that he has always been disconnected from the way South Carolinians think why should he resign now if this was the case both times he was elected. We don’t have recall in this State (thank goodness)let the man do his job (as he sees fit). January 2011 is not that far away. The damage he can do is much less than the distracting impeachment drumbeat.

  2. Randy E

    Greg, his “biggest crimes” were to leave his post for a week for a booty call, using state aircraft for private use, and misuse of tax payer dollars.

    I say to Sanfraud: “Have you no sense of deceny, sir, at long last?”

  3. Randy E

    With Joe Wilson yelling out “you lie” during Obama’s speech, SC may as well elect Joe the Plumber to be governor given SC’s current reputation.

  4. Bart

    Apparently, Sanford or “Sanfool” is going to use the same tactics by refusing to resign as he did by refusing to accept the stimulus money unless it was under his terms.

    He is not going away and as long as the wounds are kept open, SC will continue to bleed credibility.

    We used to be thankful for Mississippi when comparing student progress but I suspect Mississippi is now grateful for South Carolina because by comparison to Mark Sanford, Mississippi’s governor is a patron saint.

  5. Lee Muller

    Bobby Harrell is distracting himself. If he wanted to do the work of the people, he should stop whining and go to work.

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