Not that there’s anything wrong with that (or so they say)

The last couple of days, whispers about a certain public figure being homosexual have gradually been seeping into the MSM. My question is, should they?

Actually, I have several questions, including:

  • What does it matter if he is? Aren’t we supposed to not care? I’m constantly told by my children and others of their generation that we’re not supposed to care, that it’s the same as being hetero — even as some of that generation use “that’s so gay” as an apparent pejorative, which confuses me because it’s so, well, my generation.
  • At what point does the usual MSM dodge for reporting unsubstantiated rumor — that blogs and other low-threshold media have reported it to the point that the resulting buzz (not, of course, the underlying rumors themselves, perish the thought) has made news to the point that it must be reported — rise above being a lame excuse?
  • Should I even be writing about it here, even in the rather priggish manner in which I am doing so?

I almost did so yesterday, when WIS actually did a report on the subject, which caused a bit of triumphalist chortling in the blogosphere. But I didn’t. Such is my reluctance to address such a subject. (The WIS report raises a subquestion: Should one say “crap” on broadcast TV?)

But now that Peter Hamby of CNN — yes, a national news organization — is reporting that Jake Knotts is actually accusing our governor of coordinating this whispering campaign against Jake’s ally — an accusation for which I’ve seen no justification, in the governor’s defense (merely having an apparent motive does not make one the prime suspect) — I’m faced with the fact that just about everyone but me is talking about this. (Such as Politico, and both national and state blogs.) No newspapers so far, though, unless I’ve missed something. I can well imagine the conversations going on in newsrooms as they decide what to do, or whether to do anything. And I remain surprised that WIS did it first.

But should anybody be reporting any of this? Whose business is this?

It’s perversely interesting (if I may use that modifier) to see how things like this play out in this allegedly “enlightened” age. Consider for instance the subset of this phenomenon, whereby the apostles of tolerance are the first to “out” political conservatives who are said to lean that way. Their excuse, of course, is that they are exposing the ultimate political sin in this postmodern world, hypocrisy. One can do all sorts of hypocritical things in the name of exposing hypocrisy, including acting like there’s something wrong with someone being “gay” even when one adamantly insists the rest of the time that there is not.

Me, I’m Old School. Personally, I appreciate people not talking about their sexual predilections. For instance, I do NOT appreciate people talking ad nauseam about their “soulmates,” of whichever gender. When they do, I tend to harrumph.

And when third parties talk about someone else’s rumored predilections, I get really uncomfortable. It doesn’t seem right.

The whole thing is just so cringe-making that I might take this post down when I look back at it later.

What do y’all think?

9 thoughts on “Not that there’s anything wrong with that (or so they say)

  1. Karen McLeod

    If it’s not in my bed, it’s not my business. Having a politician who says one thing and does another is something else again. We’ve already had 8 yrs of that, thankyou very much; we don’t need more. Haven’t we had enough political drama these past few months?

  2. KP

    There’s nothing wrong with being gay. There’s something wrong with pretending you aren’t if you are.

    Just like there’s something wrong with pretending to be the taxpayer’s champion when you’re just like every other politician, and pretending to be a God-fearing family man when you’ve thrown your principles to the wind to be with your soul mate.

  3. kbfenner

    I have a dream that someday every adult person will be able to stand publicly and openly with the adult person he or she loves as I do with my husband, without fear of recriminations, discrimination, or consequences of any kind.

    There’s nothing wrong with keeping your sexual orientation to yourself, either. It’s your choice.

  4. doug_ross


    Are these rumors news to you or have you heard them before? If so, when? By whom? That’s important for us to understand your view on whether this is “news” or not.

    It’s the same as Strom’s illegitimate daughter “problem”. There were probably plenty of people in the MSM who knew about it and chose to ignore it. Was that right?

    The MSM is not going to be able to package the news like they used to. That can be a good thing and a bad thing.

    But I’d say it would be in the best interest of the subject of the rumor to respond too soon versus too late. It doesn’t take much finessing to say “I’m not gay. Move on.”

    If it’s true…

  5. BillC

    I’ve been out of the state for a week… are they talking about metro/homosexual Andre’ or “salute the general” Glenn? Either way it’s really old news.

  6. BillC

    Ha!!! I just read Jakie’s comments… Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the classic example of SC politics. I’m surprised that nobody in the State House has told Jakie to not talk with his mouth full, and to keep eating.

  7. Randy E

    Brad, by “‘enlightened’ age” were you attempting to include the republicans given their current status? I cited this issue in a previous thread BECAUSE it was gossip about a SC republican. He is doomed simply for the existence of such gossip.

    After all, we’re talking about a party that resorts to talking points like democrats wanting to euthenize grandma, “palling around with terrorists, Obama is not a citizen, torture is valid as long as it’s not used on our soldiers, and seeing Russia from your house is a valid resume filler.

    As BillC states, this is SC politics. Birch is right about the hopelessness of SC at this moment.


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