Any thoughts about the Legislature’s return?

It occurred to me that some of y’all might want a chance to comment on some actual news, instead of TV shows from the 70s or comic strips that never were.

Well, OK, but it’s pretty boring out there today.

The Legislature did come back today, and they’re going to make up for a stupid omission (and thanks for catching that, Mr. Spratt), and maybe talk about impeaching the governor (which I’m already tired of hearing about; I just want this guy gone, without another word said), and do some stuff for an ecodevo prospect that might be Boeing.

But I don’t have anything to say about those things yet. Do y’all?

12 thoughts on “Any thoughts about the Legislature’s return?

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    EcoDevo–Sounds like a German TechnoMusik group, unplugged…

    I found Cindi’s arguments compelling that to impeach Sanford based on what we know now sets a bad precedent for populist recalls, but that perhaps a full airing of grievances and beating of chests by the Legislature might suffice and get them moved on to other stuff. Alas, I fear Sanford doesn’t want out of the limelight and will use his ethics waiver battle and other means to keep himself in the news. He surely isn’t going to go gentle into that good night.
    I’m not up on what the Legislature needs to do w/r/t EcoDevo and Boeing or whoever it is, but I bet Burnie Maybank would be glad to fill you in, especially if you’re buying ;).

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    Well, since Harrell ruled the motion out of order, it seems reasonable to assume that the triumvirate doesn’t want to discuss impeachment now, if ever.

  3. Brad Warthen

    Again, I’m not terribly interested in seeing them go through with an impeachment, which I suspect would in the end be unsuccessful. I just want to see him do the right thing and resign. That’s what I wanted Clinton to do, too. Unfortunately, there is about as much chance that Sanford will do the right and honorable thing as there was with Clinton.

    Personally, I’d like to see my ex-coworkers in the MSM stop writing about every turn of the screw having to do with Sanford, acknowledge that he is irrelevant, and starting writing in-depth about the candidates to replace him, so we can be really, really well informed as we choose our governor this time.

  4. Burl Burlingame

    If the governor has been told by his C Street cabal that he is chosen by God to rule South Carolina, then he is unlikely to be embarrassed into resigning.
    Our Republican governor is Jewish, thank god.

  5. Kathryn Fenner

    On top of the C Street stuff, I think he’s got Narcissistic Personality Disorder to boot (I think Bill Clinton does, too–for those of you who think I’m partisan-blind), but I’m just a lawyer….

    He’s not going anywhere voluntarily…

  6. Randy E

    Burl, if many South Carolinians came to their senses, the Palmetto state would have a jewish governor soon – Joel Lourie. He is easily the best game in town but frankly I doubt he’d have a chance at winning state wide office because of his religion.

    If he ran, I’d contribute from way up here (CT). Brad would denounce me as out of state big money interest trying to impact SC.

  7. Greg Flowers

    Has the Governor presented a budget this year as he has for the past seven? If he has, I have heard nothing of it.

    If impeached he will not be convicted and he will not resign. Everyone just needs to move forward now. Just one more legislative session to go. PLEASE let’s not waste it on impeachment. How about a concerted effort on government reorg or school choice or any of a large number of issues which are confronting this State.

  8. Liz Shepherd

    What people do not know may indeed hurt them (too).
    Sanford did something illegal. There is no doubt about it.
    It will be addressed, if not by the General Assembly then by me in a court of law; not a kangaroo court, not a star chamber.
    The Genie is going to come back out of that famous bottle.

  9. Doug Ross

    Five years from now you will all be talking about the same problems in South Carolina that exist today no matter who is in the Governor’s office.

    While the ignorant public focuses on Sanford, the Legislature is laughing all the way to the bank… Two guys voted in by less than 1% of the state’s population of the state have more power than anyone and, unlike Sanford, are not subject to term limits.

    Power minus accountability is the formula for “progress” in South Carolina.

  10. Libb

    I wish we could “acknowledge that he is irrelevant” but, Kathryn is right, this C St’ing, narcistic clown plans to stay, will continue seeking the media spotlight, and end up further embarassing SC on a global level.

    If the Legislature wanted to impeach him they could have done it by now(Ethics report is really a nonissue in the matter). I agree it’s a lost cause because the Triumvirate (McConnell, Harrell, and Leatherman) are not going to cede their “power minus accountability” control. That’s the story I’d like to see Brad’s ex coworkers in MSM expose. Have heard that the “donkeys under the dome” are ALL(Rep & Dem’s) afraid of Gen McConnell’s wrath. Just Pitiful!!!

    Joel Lourie would make a good gov, but don’t think he’s interested.

    Burl, anyway we can get you to move here and run?

  11. Kathryn Fenner

    Joel Lourie could make a decent run for it, and shouldn’t be discounted. I believe Libb is right–so far he’s not been interested.

    Yeah, Burl. Since Brad won’t run, how’s about it?


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