Bauer looking for “creative way to announce”


This morning Andre Bauer stopped by my table at breakfast, and while chatting picked up the Metro section of The State and glanced at the story about Jenny Sanford endorsing Nikki Haley.

“What do you think about that?” I asked. What he thought, he said, was that it would really mean something if Jenny could deliver some of the Sanford financial backing to Nikki. This led to some general remarks on what a shame it was that money meant so much in politics, and so forth, but then Andre shifted gears to say that he was proof that money could be overcome — “Your paper (a reference to a newspaper with which I was once associated) reported that Campbell outspent me three to one,” for all the good it did him. He also noted with satisfaction that Mike Bloomberg, despite outspending his opponent by significant margins, was barely re-elected.

I noted that Andre always seemed to overcome the odds by being a “hard worker,” which is true, and which he did not dispute, that being a large part of his public persona.

Then he said he was trying to think of “a creative way to announce,” which of course would give him some exposure he wouldn’t have to pay for.

“You got anything for me?” — meaning ideas. Nope, I said — and managed to hold myself back from begging him to give Sanford just a little longer to resign (not that any amount of time would be enough, of course) …

9 thoughts on “Bauer looking for “creative way to announce”

  1. Brad Warthen

    By the way, the photo above is a good example of the “Observer Effect” I was talking about on a previous thread.

    Instead of just shooting a picture of Andre standing there looking at the paper, I muttered something as I aimed the Blackberry about, “Lemme get a picture for my blog”… so of course he turned and grinned.

    The most skilled politicians, of course, don’t have to be told. Back in 1978, I accompanied Lamar Alexander on part of his “Walk Across Tennessee” stunt, and tried repeatedly to get a candid of him walking down the road. Yet even though I was BEHIND him, he always knew when I had the camera aimed, and just as I clicked the shutter of my Nikkormat, he would turn his profile toward me, grin, and wave at a passing motorist. Every time. It was supernatural. After awhile, I gave up, since I had a finite supply of film with me on the road (yes, we were limited by such things in those days).

    But this time, I gave it away.

  2. Susanna K.

    He could arrange the lights on the State House tree to spell “Bauer for Gov.” Then, when they flip the switch for the Carolighting, he’ll get plenty of publicity.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    Burl–I honestly thought you were talking about our Nikki Haley for a minute—

    I got a Nikon camera/ I love take a photograph/ so Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away.

    Maybe Andre could disappear and not tell his staff where he’s going…tell them he’s hiking the Palmetto Trail. I’m sure SOOOO many people would be upset–could be a national media event. really.

    I like your way of thinking Michael!

    He could fly a helicopter down in front of the State House, rip down the Confederate Flag and fly away–or figure out some similarly impossible way to get the flag down….

  4. Kathryn Fenner

    Whoa, David, I’m getting brain feedback.

    Brad–that is a seriously scary picture. “I’ve been waiting for you. Come this way.”

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