Burl: The Early Days

Got a hoot out of the picture our regular contributor Burl Burlingame posted on his blog out in Hawaii.

This was when he was in the 6th grade in Camden, NJ in 1964. That’s him in uniform in the middle of the back row.

Which means he was there shortly after (OK, four years after) I lived right down the road in Woodbury, where I attended the 2nd grade.

But by the time this picture was taken, I was living in Ecuador. So we didn’t actually meet until 1971.

There are, by the way, pictures like this of me. But don’t expect me to trot them out…

5 thoughts on “Burl: The Early Days

  1. Bart


    Are the glasses you were wearing the same ones you have now? Talk about frugal!

  2. Burl Burlingame

    My wife looked at this and said, “This looks just like my grade-school classes. Except that we didn’t have black and Asian kids.”
    I said, “That’s because your folks weren’t in the military.”
    She said, “We didn’t have nerds either.”

  3. Phillip

    oh my gosh, Camden…

    Burl, was Camden ever a nice place? in those days maybe? how long did you live there?

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