Nikki up by 20 before the bombshell

This just in from the Nikki Haley campaign:

Nikki Takes 20 Point Lead


Last week, I reached out with the news that Nikki had taken a double-digit lead in the polls.  Well, today we have even better news – another independent poll shows that lead has grown to more than 20 points!

Here are the results:

Nikki Haley – 39%

Henry McMaster – 18%

Gresham Barrett – 16%

Andre Bauer – 13%

We’ve also released our new tv ad, “Possible,” which started running statewide this morning.  The people of this state are rising up against the status quo, the momentum is on our side, and this ad seeks to capture the same energy and excitement that has helped to catapult Nikki to the top of the polls.  Watch it here.

This campaign has always been about the people, always been about building a movement from the ground up. That movement is taking off, and it’s thanks to each and every one of you.

We have a huge lead, and with that lead comes an equally huge target.  The determined efforts to make this campaign about anything and everything other than our fight to bring South Carolina government back to the people are already going on.  That’s no surprise.  But we will keep fighting, and ask that you join us.  Your contributions mean more now than they ever have before.

My very best,

Tim Pearson

Campaign Manager

The poll to which this refers is by Public Policy Polling. You’ll find that outfit’s release here. As it notes, the poll was in the field over the weekend, before all the gossip exploded. I’m not sure how credible it is, as it has Vincent Sheheen in a “tight race” with Jim Rex. But make of it what you will.

Also, note the whiny tone of persecution in the Haley release, as she more and more remakes herself in Sarah “Everybody’s Picking On Me” Palin’s image.

7 thoughts on “Nikki up by 20 before the bombshell

  1. Matt

    “Whiny tone”?


    What is her campaign supposed to say? It’s more like “standard political spin”.

    So far I’ve seen/heard three seperate interviews with Gresham Barrett yesterday or today where he is asked about the Haley situation. Every time he’s asked about Haley, he pivots to the line “I’VE been the victim of third party attacks in this campaign”.

    Talk about whiny…

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    As we have discussed elsewhere, Brad, lots of influential people actually are paying attention to Barrett–just not the media. I want to know more about him. So far he hasn’t impressed me based on what I read about him, but folks “in the know” in Republican land aren’t writing him off at all, unlike, say, Robert Ford among my peeps.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    The same people who tout Barrett always use the caveat that you can never write off Andre. A prominent Republican I know, however, has, so maybe this time…..

    I think what my sources are saying is that Barrett is the smartest and most reasonable of the lot. Not that he’ll win.

  4. Steve Gordy

    It’s occurred to me that part of Nikki’s role is to serve as a surrogate for Jenny Sanford’s political ambitions. Jenny tried using Mark, but he went astray. Maybe she’ll have better luck with Nikki.

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