Hello to the new (interim) chief, Col. Carl Burke

Adam Beam shares this bio of the new interim police chief released by the city of Columbia:

Col. Carl Burke

Interim Columbia Police Chief, Colonel C. E. Burke Colonel C.E. Burke, a native of Hopkins, graduated from Eau ClaireHigh School. He served in the Air Force before enlisting in the Columbia Police Department in 1979. He has risen throughout his career with The City of Columbia from a Beat Officer, on up through the ranks. He was promoted to Corporal in 1981, Sergeant in 1984, Lieutenant in 1986, Captain in 1991, Major in 2005 and Colonel in 2007. Burke is a graduate of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, the School of Justice Administration, Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Louisville, Southern Police Institute, V.I.P. Intelligence, at Glynco, Georgia, The F.B.I. National Academy at Quantico, Va., and the Tactical Training Center at Fort Jackson. He also has participated in additional law enforcement training and educational programs. He has received numerous awards of appreciation, including his nomination as one of the outstanding young men in law enforcement, Who’s Who in American Law Enforcement.

… and if we get yet another chief today, I’ll try to keep you posted…

5 thoughts on “Hello to the new (interim) chief, Col. Carl Burke

  1. Michael P.

    Now will he just conform to being a “yes boy” for the city council. If not, that interim title will stick.

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    Karen– I know the players fairly well, having dealt with them extensively as a neighborhood activist. I think everyone is a decent sort who acted in congruence with his or her personality and personal ethics. It just all clashed.

    Tandy Carter was hired to be a strong presence (see this morning s excellent Adam Beam article). He was that….but more than Council bargained for. He backed his troops–because to the pure all things are pure–he could not fathom how anyone who perceive a conflict of interest. His bad, but it does point to good things about him.

    Council was responding to the not unreasonable cries from the press and public to turn over the investigation. Steve Gantt was caught in the middle, between backing his personnel and following the policy set by council (ex post facto, btw) and probably what he thought should be done, which was to turn over the investigation. Steve is known for promoting the best and trusting them to do their jobs well. He’s been right, as far as I can tell, so far.

    Tandy stepped out too far, and Steve Gantt had to respond.

    It’s a classical tragedy.

    Perhaps some good will come if indeed the public safety functions can be effectively combined with the county.

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