Fun Post II: Ariail on Roll-Call Voting Bill

Secondly, we turn to our favorite cartoonist Robert Ariail for a hilarious take on our dear senators and their commitment to transparency.

Yep, this is to a certain extent a pro-Nikki Haley cartoon, since she has made that issue her own (even though she has amply demonstrated her disdain for the Senate version — either because she thought it didn’t do enough or because she didn’t want them “stealing my issue;” take your pick), and I figure Nikki doesn’t need a boost, riding as high as she is right now.

But as well as she’s been doing, I doubt she’s had a good laugh lately. I mean, think about it: It’s not like she can enjoy the Jon Stewart stuff. So this one’s for you, Nikki.

And the rest of us can enjoy it with you.

2 thoughts on “Fun Post II: Ariail on Roll-Call Voting Bill

  1. Michael P.

    Okay, since you’re begging for comments, how’s this?

    Like Jake Knotts is smart enough to be a doctor.


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