Virtual Front Page, Monday, June 14, 2010

Here’s what we have at this hour:

  1. Obama calls for clean energy push (BBC) — That’s the broadest view, the historic view, of what he said from down on the Gulf today. He also promised to press BP to do more to make things right — which the White House says the oil giant has agreed to do. On the less rosy side, two House Democrats investigating the spill blamed “shortcuts” by BP.
  2. Rawl protests Senate primary defeat (P&C) — And remember, while I’m now referring you to an MSM outlet, you read it here first.
  3. Kyrgyzstan Violence Threatens Region (WSJ) — Five days of unrest pose threat to a strategically important staging area in the War on Terror.
  4. Losing candidates make runoff endorsements (various) — We already had Andre Bauer endorsing Gresham Barrett (for all the good that’ll do him). But today, we got Robert Bolchoz endorsing Alan Wilson, Barbara Nielsen (the last Republican state superintendent) backing Mick Zais and James Shadd throwing his support to John Meadors.
  5. Haley enjoys 20-point advantage over Sheheen (Rasmussen) — Which I actually think isn’t so very bad for Vincent at this point, given the enormous advantage she’s had in free media. Did you see the hagiographic profile of her in The New York Times over the weekend headlined — and I am not making this up — “All Her Life, Nikki Haley Was the Different One“? There’s nothing so seductive to the politically correct Eastern Establishment than a viable female minority candidate — it just blows ideology right out the window.
  6. We hardly knew ye, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (WashPost) — This is more than a few hours old, but as a boomer this is still significant in my mind — and not because he was the Sausage King of America (which makes him even bigger than Abe Froman). You know how I heard of the death of this former sidekick of TV’s version of Daniel Boone? From Robert D. Raiford on the John Boy and Billy Big Show (which I had not heard in a long time) this morning. Seems Jimmy and Raiford worked at the same radio station back in the 50s.

14 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Monday, June 14, 2010

  1. Kathryn Fenner

    Come back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean!

    What, wrong Jimmy Dean? Poor guy….mighty fine sausage.

  2. Doug Ross

    I’ve tasted Jimmy Dean sausage. I hope somebody makes sure his body is in the casket. (Insert Soylent Green reference here)

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    because she says now it’s a pain to select clothing since the issue arose…

    Now c’mon, that’s good stuff!

  4. Brad

    Being a serious newspaperman of the Old School, I did not select this story for my front: “Sarah Palin Insists That Her Breasts Are Real”

    Did I do wrong?

  5. Karen McLeod

    Define wrong. If wrong has to do with choosing those stories which most impact on the national and local scene, then no. If wrong has to do with attracting the most readership, then you undoubtably blew it.

  6. Doug Ross

    “Sarah Palin Insists That Her Breasts Are Real”

    because she can see them from her backyard.

  7. Bart

    When the oil leak started gushing to the surface, within three days,the Dutch government offered to send ships with skimmers to assist. The Obama administration declined the offer. There are miles and miles of the best boom available sitting in a warehouse, waiting to be sent to the Gulf. The Canadian government offered to let America have the booms because of the situation. Again, refused. Sand berms and dikes were asked for but the decision to build them were delayed and delayed and delayed.

    Now, the oil slick is spreading across the Gulf, contaminating shorelines, wildlife refuges, and in general, reaping havoc on the Gulf states. Soon, the oil will make its way around to the East coast.

    All we have so far in response by the White House is the promise to “kick some ass”. We don’t need to have asses kicked right now, we need some actual leadership. We need someone who will take control and lead, not engage in constant campaigning.

    The skimmers, booms, and berms will do no harm to the environment. Why the wait? Why all of the indecision? Is it so important right now, at this moment, to continue to take daily shots at BP while sitting on their collective thumbs?

    I have resisted taking a verbal shot at Obama because like any other new president, he is still learning. The difference here is that even when learning, a leader will be a leader, not a finger pointer, ad infinitum. Not someone who finds every opportunity he can to get in front of a camera.

    The oil leak is not a Katrina. It is worse. The lack of decisive leadership is becoming more and more obvious as each day passes. My friends in the Gulf area are disgusted at the amateur hour being played out by the Obama administration.

    No, Obama did not cause or create the problem but as president, it belongs to him, 100%. So far, IMHO, his performance ranks at about 15%.

  8. Michael Rodgers

    The real power-brokers in South Carolina are the Sons of Confederate Veterans. And sure enough, Nikki Haley had to sit down with them and assure them that she would not succumb to pressure to take down the flag.

    Here’s the video on youtube.

  9. Michael P.

    Ha!!! Michael Rodgers are you writing for John Stewart now?

    Yeah, I’m sure lobbyists for SCANA and Blue Cross are really fearful of not getting on the wrong side of the lobbyist(s) for the SCV.

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