Cayce Mayor Elise Partin’s fund-raiser

The reception occurred during a rainstorm, and once or twice we lost lights -- which made for some moody photos. That's Mayor Partin in the pool of light at right, listening to a supporter./Brad Warthen

On Tuesday night I dropped by a fund-raiser for Cayce Mayor Elise Partin, who’s up for election this year, to see who was there and stuff.

As it happened, I missed the mayor’s announcement of a grant for the Airport Corridor project she’s worked so hard on — to beautify the gateway to the Midlands and give a better impression to visitors. It’s typical of the way she works not only to improve her town, but the whole region. Which is why I hope she gets re-elected. The promise I saw when we endorsed her two years ago seems to be bearing out.

Since I missed her remarks, I didn’t have much substance for a post beyond noting who was there at the reception in the new Southern First Bank building (I didn’t want to ask the mayor to repeat it all for me that night; she needed to spend time with her guests). For the rest I had to wait for a press release, which I just got today.

As to who was there, here are some of the names:

  • Lexington County Sheriff James Metts (apparently Leon Lott was there, too, but I missed him)
  • former Lt. Gov. Bob Peeler
  • Mayor Bobby Horton of West Columbia
  • Mayor Pat Smith of Springdale
  • County Councilwoman Debbie Summers
  • County Councilman Bill Banning (my own councilman and neighbor)
  • Home Builders Association of Greater Columbia Executive Director Earl McLeod

And close to 150 others. Seemed to me like she had a pretty good cross-section.

Here’s the press release:

CAYCE, SC   Nearly 150 residents, friends and supporters ignored the June 29 summer storm to come to Southern First Bank to meet their Mayor, Elise Partin. It was a kickoff fundraiser for Partin’s re-election campaign, though the Mayor herself preferred to call it a “friendraiser.”

Justin Strickland, Southern First president, joined by some prominent Cayce residents and area elected officials, hosted the event and encouraged everyone’s continued support of Partin. “She just burst on the scene a year and half ago and she hasn’t slowed down since,” Strickland said. “She really cares about businesses and individuals and wants to make Cayce the best place to be in South Carolina. We need to keep Elise Partin in office!”

Partin addressed the crowd and reminded them of her original campaign promises. “In less than two years we managed to accomplish or begin to address just about every element of that platform,” she said. Flanked by Mayors Bobby Horton and Pat Smith (West Columbia and Springdale, respectively), Partin pointed to one success in particular. “I’m happy to announce that Cayce, West Columbia, Springdale and Lexington County came together with the support of the rest of the Midlands to work on the Airport Corridor – the gateway to the Midlands. And I am also happy to announce that we just got approval for a Department of Transportation grant to
get started on that improvement!”

Mayor Horton and Mayor Smith both spoke on Partin’s behalf and urged supporters and volunteers to keep her in office. Partin promised she would continue to work on issues such as:

  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility and guaranteeing open communication and transparency
  • Fortifying Cayce neighborhoods to continue to attract business
  • Prioritizing the public infrastructure investments – sidewalks, drainage, safety and more so that we can improve the quality of life in Cayce.

“My family and I love Cayce,” she said. “It is my privilege to serve you and I am humbled by your support for my leadership. It motivates me even more to work with you, for you.”

For more information on Mayor Elise Partin, visit her website:, find her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @elisepartin.

Gene Partin; Justin Strickland, President Southern First Bank; Sheriff James Metts; and Elise Partin, Mayor of Cayce. /courtesy of Partin campaign

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  1. Kathryn Fenner

    People I know who’ve met her all come away impressed.

    I will say that the Cayce portion of the Riverwalk is the best maintained (maybe to a fault–enough with the blower cart!)

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