Virtual Front Page, Thursday, July 15, 2010

We have a bit of actual news today:

  1. BP says oil has stopped leaking from Gulf well (BBC) — Which, if it turns out to hold, is a biggie. Now we just have what — the equivalent of about 25 Exxon Valdezes to clean up, right?
  2. Senate Passes Sweeping Finance Overhaul (WSJ) — Any other day, I would have led with this. It’s big; it’s important; it’s historic. Both the WSJ and the NYT are leading with it, and I can’t argue with that decision. But the possible end of the biggest oil spill in history just grabbed me a bit more. Chalk it up to my prejudice against financial news.
  3. Goldman Settles With S.E.C. for $550 Million (NYT) — Sheesh. More big financial news. But this one’s significant. I mean, $550 million is more than I make in a year. Of course, it’s nowhere near the $20 billion BP is on the hook for…
  4. CIA paid Iranian nuclear scientist $5 million for intel (WashPost) — You know what? Those Russian spies we caught should take some lessons from this guy. He knows how it’s done. He gets 5 mil, and they get sent home with empty pockets. Of course, the Iranian isn’t likely to get a hero’s welcome at home now that this has been leaked.
  5. Economists Express More Optimism Than General Public (WSJ) — And to think, they call it the “dismal science”… or is that politics? I get confused.
  6. RiverDogs give out Alvin Greene statues (AP) — That Alvin Greene is a prophet. He suggested action figures of himself as a way to promote our economy, and now somebody’s acted on it. OK, so they’re not action figures as such, but it’s a start.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Front Page, Thursday, July 15, 2010

  1. bud

    Glad to see the oil may stop flowing soon. Hopefully we can learn something from this disaster. Like let’s actually get serious about reducing our use of oil. We can’t drill our way out this so let’s stop pretending we can. Drill, baby, drill! is all too likely to become spill, baby, spill.

  2. TJC

    Biggest oil spill in US History. Saddam Hussein intentionally created the biggest spill in history.

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