I just hope he’s a better accountant than Nikki

Catching up with my e-mail, I see this came in this morning:

Truth In Politics Announces Forensic Accounting Expert

COLUMBIA, SC- Conservatives for Truth in Politics announced today that Charleston CPA, Ellie Thomas, has joined the group as its CPA.  He will join Ms. Cyndi Mosteller, former 1st Vice Chair of the SC Republican Party and Dr. David Woodard, Political Science professor at Clemson University, Co-Chairs and Liana Orr, Executive Director and Secretary/ Treasurer as the officers of the 501 (c)(4) advocacy association.

Thomas is recognized as an expert in Accounting and Tax Matters by the Circuit Court of South Carolina and recognized as an expert in Forensic Accounting by the Circuit Court of South Carolina.  He served on the Patriot’s Pointe Development Authority from 2001-2004, serving as the Finance Committee Chairman from 2003-2004.  He also served as a volunteer accountant for the SC GOP from 1987-1989.

In addition to adding a CPA, TIP is pleased to announce they have over 100 official members of the organization and almost 500 followers on Facebook in less than 2 weeks since its formation.  The organization is also receiving contributions to help get the word out that true transparency and answers to serious questions concerning Republican Candidate Nikki Haley are in the public’s best interest.

“We are very pleased to have Ellie Thomas join us.  One of the main issues that has raised numerous questions is Nikki’s numerous violations on both her personal and business taxes.  Thomas, a forensic CPA that specializes in these matters, will be a tremendous resource to TIP as we educate the public about her numerous tax problems,” said Mosteller.

In addition to Ms. Haley failing to come clean on her personal and business tax matters, TIP is also asking Ms. Haley to explain or clarify many questions that are still lingering:

“To our knowledge, there is no ‘”small business tax” that she keeps referring to in her campaign rhetoric.  We feel very strongly that if Ms. Haley doesn’t come clean on that issue, we will be forced to let the public know it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors,” said Thomas.

“We do know that she wants to eliminate the corporate income tax which significantly benefit large out-of-state corporations and does absolutely nothing for the majority of small business.  She may try to pull the wool over your eyes by making up things like the “small business tax,” but I can assure you as a forensic CPA that has spent my entire professional career knowing the tax code that this organization will not allow these statements to go on any further unchecked,” said Thomas.

It does appear that Nikki Haley will pay for this big business tax break on the backs of the working families of SC by increasing their taxes on groceries.  A recent Wall Street Journal article noted that this will hit families making less than $45,000 a year the hardest, especially in a bad economy when more people are buying groceries to avoid eating out.  “I can tell you that most of my clients are not making more money but trying to save.  Eating out less and buying groceries to feed the family is the trend these days.  I never thought I would see a Republican Nominee advocate a tax in this economy.  Interestingly, I saw comments made by Iris Campbell.  I doubt Gov. Campbell would have been advocating a tax on groceries when the unemployment rate was at double digits and the economy was so bad,” said Mosteller.

TIP has also asked for Nikki Haley to make copies of her tax returns, her State House computer hard drive and emails available to the press in the same transparent manner as Sheheen. TIP has also asked for sworn affidavits from her, Will Folks and Larry Marchant concerning the charges of infidelity.  “We have heard from Folks and Marchant who indicated that they will provide the affidavits.  We have yet to hear from Ms. Haley,” said Mosteller.

For more information on Conservatives for Truth in Politics, please go to www.sctruth.com


6 thoughts on “I just hope he’s a better accountant than Nikki

  1. Doug Ross

    Imagine a life spent untangling the complex tax code used to steal money from people who actually work for living. Must be thrilling.

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    It isn’t stealing. It’s the price of a well-ordered civilization, duly enacted by our representatives.

  3. Doug Ross


    The price is too high for what we receive. We get K-Mart quality at Nordstrom prices.

    Check that – that analogy only applies to those of us who pay 40% of our income to the government.

  4. Kathryn Fenner

    I am active in trying to improve the quality of what we get for our money, and on a local level, have been rather effective. I highly recommend it.

    Beats grousing.

  5. Doug Ross


    I tried. I ran for school board. The system is rigged for the insiders. And please don’t tell me it isn’t. I’ve seen the evidence up close — and continue to see it every day. For example, isn’t it an interesting coincidence that the current school board members show up at the Spring Valley – Blythewood football game last Friday and one of the incumbents gets to toss the coin at midfield before the game while two others sit with the principal? Meanwhile, two non-incumbents have to stand outside on the road with signs. Why don’t we see those same candidates at any games in non-election years? Hmmmmmm…


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