The Chinese water torture approach to campaigning

Yesterday, driving back from Memphis where we had gone for a wedding, I came close to throwing the Blackberry out the window somewhere near Birmingham.

When I get an e-mail on the Blackberry, it buzzes twice. When I get a phone call, it also buzzes twice, before ringing. So whenever I get two vibrations, I tense up, waiting for the phone call. Which is no big deal most of the time, but pretty irritating. So imagine how I felt about the Rob Miller campaign after the follow messages buzzed me:

2:21 PM — “FACT CHECK: Joe Wilson Says He Has Created Jobs”

2:38 PM — “FACT CHECK: Butch Wallace, Paid Nearly $100,000 for part-time work”

2:39 PM — “FACT CHECK: Joe Wilson on the Wall Street Bailout”

2:40 PM — “FACT CHECK: Joe Wilson Says Rob Miller is a Nancy Pelosi Liberal”

2:44 PM — “FACT CHECK: Joe Wilson Says 16,500 IRS Agents Will Be Hired To Enforce The New Healthcare Law”

2:49 PM — “FACT CHECK: Congressman Wilson’s son received loans from a bailed-out bank”

3:04 PM — “FACT CHECK: Joe Wilson is a Fiscal Conservative”

3:11 PM — “FACT CHECK: Joe Wilson Touts Dangerous Defense Cuts”

3:12 PM — “FACT CHECK: Joe Wilson Says He Supports Tax Cuts”

3:14 PM — “FACT CHECK: Wilson Says he Wants to Protect Social Security”

3:16 PM — “FACT CHECK: Wilson Spent Over $920 Per Month in Taxpayer Money to Rent a Car for His Personal Use, More Than All But 8 Other Congressman”

3:20 PM — “FACT CHECK: Joe Wilson Says He Supports Veterans”

3:30 PM — “FACT CHECK: Wilson & The Savannah River Site”

I am guessing this had something to do with the debate between Miller and Wilson yesterday. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m still pretty ticked about it. Who on Earth thought it would be a good idea to do this to people on a Sunday afternoon?

4 thoughts on “The Chinese water torture approach to campaigning

  1. The Right Indignant Kathryn Braun Fenner (Mrs. Stephen A.)

    Yes, the Rob Miller campaign is aggressive, but one can always turn off one’s phone of a Sunday afternoon–I trust you did so during Mass, or it could give new meaning to “smells and bells.”

  2. Barry

    I watched the debate and don’t have a dog in the hunt. I am not in that district.

    Rob Miller came across as very mad to me. He didn’t smile at the camera – seemed pretty bitter.

    Note to Miller’s folks- get your guy to smile a little. I wouldn’t have wanted to even talk to the guy yesterday.

    Even the moderator – Mark Quinn seemed a little like “what the heck” when asking Rob questions.

  3. Marie

    I’m a financial contributor to Rob Miller’s campaign and did not get all of those e-mails.

    I received one e-mail after the debate which contained all of the fact checks (and request to contribute more $$).

    I suggest you signed up for action tweets or twitters (or whatever they are called) or requested minute-minute e-mails from the Miller campaign.

    Now you are offended?

    Reminds me of Nikki Haley’s comments that she voted against stimulus after she voted that SC accept stimulus, and that when she singled out the local festivals as an inappropriate use of state money in a July interview with the Greenville News, it came out that she had as a legislator personally sponsored a $90,000 grant request by the Lexington FunFest.

    First she is for something, then she is against it.

    In the case of festivals, she personally sponsored the grant request so she could vote against it.

    One of her closing comments in tonite’s debate between Sheheen & Haley was that she said she was “predictable”. This is not true in so many ways.

    As to your comment about Miller Campaign, in the area of predictability – if you sign up for e-mails in a campaign, it is predictable you will get them close to an election.


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