Burn, Baby, Burn

The things you miss when you leave town a couple of days:

She also drew a comparison between working with lawmakers and raising children.

“That’s what it’s all about — letting them know what would happen,” she said, adding most lawmakers, like kids, will do the right thing if the consequences are clear. “If they mess up, I will burn them.” [Emphasis mine.]

Remember what I said about how Nikki, being female and petite and couching things as a “Mom,” gets away with saying things that coming from a man would sound incredibly presumptuous, megalomaniacal and bullying? This is another of those things…

She’s trying to sound fair and reasonable, but the rabble-rousing, storm-the-Bastille rhetoric that won the hearts of the Tea Party keeps coming out…

16 thoughts on “Burn, Baby, Burn

  1. Mark Stewart

    Or Nikki was tacitly agreeing that she is a child as well – and that she has been burned for her own misbehaving.

    It’s certainly a disturbing way to view her, either as a mother or as an elected representative. It’s never a good sign when people feel put-upon – all sorts of bad stuff usually pops up down the road.

  2. Ralph Hightower

    That’s gonna endear her to the General Assembly.

    Oh geez, Nikki’s following in the footsteps of SC Governot Mark Sanford and his theatrical stunts. She is “Mark Sanford in a Skirt”. Wonder if she has that same “Bill Clinton problem” that Mark Sanford has. She hasn’t followed up on the allegations of infidelity with a lawsuit, affidavit, or requests for emails.

    If Haley is elected, there will be 20 years of “do nothing” governors.

  3. The Right Indignant Kathryn Braun Fenner (Mrs. Stephen A.)

    “I will burn them”!!! I’m glad she’s not my mother, and I hope she won’t be my governor, either.

    Works and plays well with others:
    N. Haley–F

  4. Norm Ivey

    There’s not much content in the article, but she seems to imply that her way is the right way, and anything else is the wrong way, for which lawmakers will be burned. I take that she means she will publicly call them out. There will, of course, be a large number of legislators who will be happy to burn her also.

    Haley vowed to be more proactive than Gov. Mark Sanford has been in his dealings with the Legislature, saying she would issue an annual report card grading how lawmakers are supporting her pro-business, good-government agenda.

    Isn’t that re-active?

  5. miller

    Some of the superficially civil and well-dressed Republican leaders in the General Assembly acted in an incredibly presumptuous, megalomaniacal and bullying manner toward Nikki Haley when she asked that all votes be placed in the public record. But at least they were not out rousing rabble, you know, those uncultured folks who are just not our kind.

  6. Comrade Fenner (Mrs. Stephen A.)

    “Haley vowed to be more proactive than Gov. Mark Sanford has been in his dealings with the Legislature, saying she would issue an annual report card grading how lawmakers are supporting her pro-business, good-government agenda.”

    because grown men and women respond so well to be treated like recalcitrant schoolkids by the schoolmarm!

    If she really wanted to accomplish her aim of changing government, if only to shrink it, etc., this is a pi$$-poor way of doing it.

    What’s next: holding her breath until she turns blue?

  7. Barry


    I think the way she went about “asking that all votes be placed in the public record” probably invited those “well dressed” leaders to bully her.

    Like I have said, I see no reason for a 3rd term of Mark Sanford.

  8. MoralTruth

    Look this is so easy for the democrat party in our state or in the Federal Govt. they don’t care about the republican party at all. Now the conservative republican party is all fired up alone with the help from the Tea Party and the people of the state who are not being listened to. (Taxed Enough Already) this group of people who are very patriotic, they love God and yes their guns. They up hold the Constitution and the Bill of rights, they love their county, the American people of all five colors God made, black, white, red, yellow and brown. The liberal/ progressive democrat party fears the Tea party Patriots not the republican leadership that’s why they are always putting down and calling these two groups profoundly prejudice, racial, bigoted names, and the whole time it is the democrat party. Now some democrats say they didn’t know how far reaching the Obamacare bill was, but millions of Americans knew what was in it but they didn’t care these democrats passed the Obamacare anyway. Just like the other big government spending bills that our children and grandchildren have to pay for this Marxist, Socialism type of Government is not for America, we are not spread the wealth people like democrats desire.

  9. Mark Stewart

    MoralTruth has succinctly made my point stated at the beginning of this thread.

    How has such victimization loomed so large today? Clearly its not just related to economic uncertainty. I continue to look for historical parallels, but it may just be that this is the Age of the Great Disconnect.

    As an outsider, I see this Tea Party world view to be ultimately most harmful to the true believers themselves. And that’s always the result with victimization.

  10. bud

    Ok MoralTruth, I’m with you so far. Now answer these questions:

    1. Which God are you refering to? Many in the Tea Party movement want to restrict the worship of other gods besides the one they regard as the true God. Otherwise the Muslim community center would not be an issue. Just another way to worship God in my view.

    2. As with most tea party rants you fail to specify what programs you’d cut in order to reduce government spending. The Health Care law you rant about will actually help reduce the deficit according to most non-partisan analysis so that won’t help. Do you want to cut or even eliminate social security, medicare, the military. Unless you do then you can’t come close to balancing the budget.

    And by the way there is no such thing as the “Democrat” party any more than there is the “Tea Bag” party. So let’s get the name straight pal.

  11. Karen McLeod

    Bud, MoralTruth just did more to support your positions than any argument you’re likely to make. He also gave support to Brad’s positions, and my own.


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